Alternative Picnic Insulated Basket Introduced By Freddie And Sebbie On Amazon

According to Freddie and Sebbie, their newest accessory launched on Amazon, referred to as an insulated lunch bag, could possibly be the ideal substitute to the standard wicker picnic basket.

( — February 9, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — Freddie and Sebbie has so far made a name for themselves in the picnic arena with their luxury picnic blanket, which currently has a 4.8 star rating on Amazon, with positive evaluations coming from over a hundred confirmed consumers. Official company spokesperson, Mr Neil Speight, has just revealed the imminent launch of the Freddie and Sebbie insulated lunch box on Amazon, which he declares to be the best container for a picnic hamper. He added… “After having such a good response for the picnic blanket, with moms and dads saying just what an excellent accessory it was, we agreed to go one step more, and create a modern day picnic basket, however one that justified it’s presence on our luxury design picnic blanket.”

Neil said that the multipurpose insulated lunch bag was ensured to keep food, fruits, refreshments and other snacks cool. He included… “Well, after much thought and deliberation, our imaginative team has finally assemble the brand-new Freddie and Sebbie luxury insulated reusable black lunch bag, which will be perfect for keeping alfresco food cool, right up til the whole clan are sat down on the picnic blanket, peacefully surrounded by nature, and finally hunger sets in.”

The accessory description on Amazon says that this alternative picnic basket includes an adjustable shoulder strap and a comfortable carrying handle, making it a whole lot easier to take a trip with. Mr Speight said… “Not just is it easier to take a trip with in the car, it’s likewise a much safer method of transferring picnic food, as thisinsulated lunch box can in fact be zipped up, along with it having a safety zip flap cover, so food does have a much more secure trip to the picnic area.”

The spokesman likewise stated that the accessory should be readily available on Amazon within the next few days. He added… “Once Amazon has actually made the last checks, the insulated lunch bag will be there to purchase. We aren’t just hoping to target picnic enthusiasts, however likewise anybody who prepares lunch in the home to later eat out, as this lunch bag has currently been tested and recommended by our faithful Amazon consumers throughout the United States, who have actually confirmed all of our expectations as being a cooler bag which really works, and made to last. In fact, the Freddie and Sebbie devices have all been made to the greatest standards in quality, security and reliability, as we seriously believe in supplying the best to American parents.”


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