Automobile Accessory That Combats New Rear Facing Safety Seat Regulations

With US state laws being tightened for better car safety seat security, many moms and dads have actually already found the solution that enables them to keep an eye on their valuable cargo, even with their child rear-facing.

( — March 18, 2015) Las Vegas, NV —


With this year’s modifications made to safety seat laws in a lot of US states, followed by statements by district police that many parents had currently been fined for not maintaining the brand-new statutes, it would appear that a number of parents have actually found a way to assist them keep their baby rear-facing up till the age of 2, as stated by the new modifications to legislation.


In a recent five star validated Amazon client evaluation for the Freddie and Sebbie back seat mirror, Julie Williams says… “I purchased this to utilize for when I babysit, and have to carry my grand son. 30 years back, my child’s car seat looked forward, so I had no trouble making certain he was all right, however not so in 2015 with rear-facing safety seats. This mirror is exactly as described, so without any doubt, with all the products on the marketplace for babies these days, this is one of those “why didn’t I think about that?” must haves!”


Freddie and Sebbie business rep, Neil Speight, has actually explained how they became one of the pioneer stores to offer this baby seat accessory on Amazon, stating… “We managed to introduce the child mirror on Amazon in early November 2014, just in time for the new legislation changes this year. The initial response by clients has actually been outstanding, with the product getting over 250 customer evaluations, most of which have actually been 5 star rated ratings. As a company we are pleased to have actually developed an accessory making the choice of keeping children rear-facing longer, an easier one for moms and dads to take, and an even better choice for a youngster’s security in case of a traffic accident.”


In another comment left on Amazon by Wingnut, who states he couldn’t envision a better mirror. He includes… “You fix it firmly to any headrest and then can angle the mirror with a ball and joint set-up to any angle. It’s firm enough to not move once set. Much better than my old mirror that you had to angle on the headrest itself. I would highly recommend this accessory to all moms and dads of babies or young children, presently in rear looking seats.”


Lastly, Becca Lynn Tippy in yet another 5 star score review stated… “I have been looking for one of these since our baby was born! I like how big this mirror is. Others I have actually looked at were smaller sized, and this one is like a big TELEVISION screen. I like that I can see everything that is going on while I am driving. I know safety is our number one concern when we are on the road, so looking back to examine child is not an excellent alternative. This rear seat child mirror permits me to constantly see that he is safe or smiling, or perhaps the periodic spit up when it’s taking place. Most important of all for me though is that it permits me to always keep my hands securely on the wheel, and my eyes forward at all times.”


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