Car Lease Companies Toughen Up On Interior Automobile Damage Payouts

Keeping the car interior clean and free of damage would appear to make perfect sense, if not just to decrease a vehicle’s insurance coverage premium, but it has also been reported that vehicle rental companies are now checking automobile interiors with a fine tooth comb for discolorations and scratches, leaving motorists to pay for any damage discovered.



Automobile rental companies have began to remember scratches and other small damage which they could have been ignoring in the past. Interior damage like holes, tears and rips are now examined for damages. Car rental companies declare that their policies have actually not altered, and even though interior damage just amounts to a small percentage of total rental deals, the overall total does arrive at more than a million damaged vehicles each year.


The nation’s largest car rental business “Enterprise Holdings” with the big 3 concessionaires Enterprise, National and Alamo say that on average they make 50 million rental transactions each year, 1 million of which include a damaged automobile being returned. Other nationwide rental firms are seeing the same, with small carpet and seat damage being the major cases for claims.


Neil Speight, Nevada based children accessory business spokesperson for Freddie and Sebbie says that on the whole children are the major instigators for causing damage to safety seat upholstery and carpet mats, whether it be in a rental vehicle or not. He went on to give some suggestions about ways to get rid of various sorts of spots that children tend to cause inside a car… “The Freddie and Sebbie customer support team are frequently called by anxious moms with a stain on the car-seat to get rid of, so they have actually taken it upon themselves to develop some fantastic tips to remove a varying number of different stains, by utilizing products that are normally found in the house.”


He continued by saying… “Any sort of grease stain can be gotten rid of from carpeted mats or seat upholstery by just using regular paint thinner, and then covering the stain with salt. Ink Stains on seats and upholstery are quite common with kids, however are rather easily gotten rid of by using hairspray. When a child is sick on the seat or carpet, spots can be easily removed by making a paste from a mixture of cold water and dry-laundry detergent, which is then applied to the stain. As soon as it is dry, just brush off the debris, and vacuum.”


Mr Speight continued by explaining how his business was assisting parents to avoid staining accidents from occurring in the first place… “Although there is a treatment for a lot of discolorations left by children on the car seats and carpets, preventing them from happening in the first place is going to be a lot more gratifying, especially if you have a rental automobile to return in prime condition. Regrettably scuff marks left on the backs of driver and passenger seats by kids sat in the back are not so easy to get rid of, so prevention is the only way to stop it from taking place in the first place. Kick Mats are the ideal solution to prevent the worry of winding up with scuff marks on the leather upholstery. The Freddie and Sebbie luxury car seat back protectors dual pack kick mats are ensured to protect upholstery or leather safety seats from getting scuff marks or unclean footprints, and the investment is secured by a life time no-hassle free replacement guarantee.”


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