Car seat Protector Getting Excellent Reviews on Amazon

Car Seat Protector

Car Seat Protector

If ever a company was born out of necessity, look no further than Freddie and Sebbie.  As parents, the founders of Freddie and Sebbie saw a need that no other company had filled.

“We grew up doing this; our children have all done it.  It was time to do something about it that would be a boon to any parent, young or old,” said Neil, spokesperson for Freddie and Sebbie.

It refers to kicking the back of the car seat.  Freddie and Sebbie created a car seat protector designed specifically to curb the damage done to the seat.  The kicking is a different story entirely.

Many want to know what others have to say before choosing to buy. and its review system is where many people go to determine the efficacy of a product.  The Freddie and Sebbie line is no different.

“When we signed on with to sell our products, we understood that there would be intense scrutiny of our product line.  This is why we offer the money back guarantees and stand behind our products.  The world is watching the reviews,” said Neil.

The review system allows customers the opportunity for unbiased and real feedback – good and bad.  This is why Freddie and Sebbie take their products so seriously.

“We have chosen to let our customers speak for our products,” said Neil.

The car seat protector is one product that customers have taken a large interest in purchasing and more importantly, providing commentary.  One such customer posted a very flattering review.

G.Harp, Amazon customer and buyer of the car seat protector said, in part, “Naturally those with small children who love snacking (or other extrusions from mouth or elsewhere to car seat) NEED to have at least one of these affordable car seats protectors to keep that proud vehicle free of disasters.”

He also had to say, “So, think IN the box (as a guard for children’s presence) or Out of the box for all you other times when you wish you had something other that a tawdry piece of plastic to protect you car. It’s great for many reasons.”