Car Seat Protector Works Well – Customer Reviews Laud Product

After a home, a car is likely the second largest purchase anyone will make.  Protecting that car is an important duty even if there are plans to trade for a new model.  Those who have children also realize kids will be kids.  Keeping a car seat clean is a chore.

Enter Freddie and Sebbie.  The line of kids products are designed to make life easier and protect cars at the same time.  The Car Seat Protector is one product of their line.

“We have children.  We set out to make a product that is kid friendly and car friendly at the same time.  It was a chore, but we have got it now with the Car Seat Protector,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie.

Each car seat protector has a full, lifetime replacement guarantee with absolutely no hassles or problems.  Return the old mats and get new ones; it is that simple.

“As your vehicle is an investment, protecting it should be a top priority.  There is virtually nothing available today for one dollar that gives you so much with such promises,” Neil added.

Neil and his brother started Freddie and Sebbie and sell through  The review system of means good and bad reviews filter in.  Neil or anyone with Freddie and Sebbie cannot change or edit reviews.

One such review came from Happy Mommy in CA.  She writes, “All the reviews are right, this is a great product! We bought a new 4Runner with leather interior and searched for a mat to go under our son’s car seat! Thank goodness we put the seat cover on because not 24 hours later our son spilt his drink. The mess was easy to clean up and best of all the leather underneath was fine! We are going to purchase another one to go under our daughters booster seat, you never know what will happen with young children. Highly recommend this items!”  Car Seat Protectors and all of the Freddie and Sebbie line are sold through