Car Seat Protectors: Big Winner For All Parents

Those who have children know how difficult keeping a seat can be.  Children lack the appropriate fine motor skills to eat without making a mess.  Others struggle with keeping candy, crayons, markers and the like off of the seat.

Now, there is a solution from the makers of the Kick Mat.

Freddie and Sebbie are known for innovative and high quality products for parents with small children.  Their newest item is the Car Seat Protector.
“This is sure to be a perfect match to the Kick Mat,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie.

Made of a highly durable, easy to clean fabric, the Car Seat Protectors have rubber corners for anti-slippage.  Several pockets are included for toys, bottles, diapers and the like.

“We tried to think of everything we could to make this as parent and child friendly as possible.  The protectors also fit virtually any car seat.  The material is irrelevant: leather or cloth.  The covers work equally well,” said Neil.

Like all Freddie and Sebbie products, the car seat protectors come with a lifetime No-Hassle replacement guarantee.

“We stand behind our products.  The names of our children are on them, so we insist on the highest possible standard of customer service,” said Neil.

Freddie and Sebbie deal exclusively with for all of their product line.  The widespread reach of meant that Freddie and Sebbie could sell their products to a larger audience.

“The more people we can reach and help, the better,” said Neil.

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