Car Seat Protectors by Freddie and Sebbie Proving to be a Big Seller for Parents


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The company that brought out Kick Mats which protect the back side of vehicle seats is introducing a car seat protector for the seats which children sit.

Freddie and Sebbie, long known for quality child care items, is debuting the car seat protector mat on Amazon at

“The seat protectors will fit under child safety seats. The anti-slip backing holds them in place. Just put it down, put the car seat in and buckle the child up. You are ready to do and don’t have to worry about spills,” said Neil, creator of the Freddie and Sebbie car seat protector mats.

The mats are guaranteed to not scratch car seats and can be used on cloth, leather and vinyl. Two mesh pockets are handy for storing toys and bottles.

Car Seat Protector

Car Seat Protector

The durable fabric and construction is paired with a lifetime, no hassle replacement guarantee.

“If it tears up, let us know. We’ll tell you how to get a free replacement,” Neil said. “We know how children can be. That’s why we build our products to last.”

The mats prevent stains, scuff marks and spills from getting on the seat and into the seat cushions. Mats are designed to sit the seats in most vehicles. The anti-slip rubber corners provide extra no-damage grip on car seats.

“They are easy to clean too. Just take out the car seat and gather up the mat. Wipe it down, let it dry and you’re back in business,” Neil said.

Protecting the interior of a car is just as important as protecting the outside.

“You change the oil, rotate the tires and either check the other fluid levels or have someone else do it,” Neil said. “The inside of your car is the same way. If you take care of it, it will last longer. There’s also the issue of smells. Spilt milk that gets down in a seat creates a horrible odor that will last for years. A car seat protector prevents that spill from soaking into the seat.”

Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Protectors are available exclusively on Amazon:


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