Childcare Experts Freddie and Sebbie Offer Advice For Summertime Trips To US Parents

The summer season is a great time, filled with sunshine, barbecues, and the odd journey to the beach. Accessory company Freddie and Sebbie has reminded parents that buying a simple sun shade…

( — July 13, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Freddie and Sebbie are a Nevada-based child care accessory company, with child-safety at the heart of their business. Co-founder and main business spokesperson, Neil Speight, stated in a recent child-safety interview, “My brother and I, the co-founders of Freddie and Sebbie, are dads ourselves, and one of the things we wished to develop was a vehicle window shade that not only protected the sun from our kids’ eyes, but additionally blocked hazardous UV rays on long car journeys. Not only did we wish to provide kids the security they need, but we wanted to offer moms and dads a tranquil car journey every so often!”


“Everybody remembers to safeguard their youngster when they’re in direct sun,” Speight continues, “but what parents might not bear in mind is that harmful UV rays can actually permeate glass. On long journeys, stuck in the back seat of a vehicle, protection from these rays is absolutely essential to protect a child’s delicate skin.”


The Freddie and Sebbie Car Sun Shade provides UPF 30+ security, whilst blocking out UV rays, sun glare and heat. At 19.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches tall, the sun shade showcases four detachable suction cups, and are developed to perfectly fit any backseat window. Strengthened with a metal wire frame, and packaged in a reusable material pouch, this Freddie and Sebbie item is produced from the greatest quality materials offered on the marketplace, and is ensured to last for years to come. “We make certain that each Freddie and Sebbie item is developed to the highest standards possible, and to prove it, we provide a free life-time no hassle, money back guarantee on every one of our products,” Speight said.


Offered exclusively on Amazon, the Freddie and Sebbie car sunshade has actually achieved an average 4.3 star score from 130 consumer reviews. Amazon user New Mom said in her 5 star review, “I love this shade! The other shades I have purchased do not do well with toddlers and kids. This one is perfect. It sticks so well. It really shades the sun and keeps my child cool, and on top of that, it can be easily repositioned to safeguard against the moving sun! Perfect!”


Concluding the press conference, Speight said, “If you’re thinking of taking a long car journey, we truly can’t stress how essential it is to safeguard your kids from the sun in the back of the car. It’s easy to forget that whilst glass obstructs UVB rays, unsafe UVA Rays can still make it through.”

The Freddie and Sebbie Car Sun Shades are offered to buy from the Freddie and Sebbie Amazon shop. More details can be discovered on


Neil concluded the press conference by thanking parents for such a terrific response in their Amazon item reviews, which he says are so important for validating all of the advantages explained on Amazon, so other parents can see the need for such a device in a car with kids. For additional information about the car sun shade, or any other baby accessory manufactured by Freddie and Sebbie, moms and dads can see their unique Amazon Shop, or their site at:



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