Deluxe Kick Mats by Freddie and Sebbie Proving to be a Big Winner With Parents

Parents know what happens when you mix a back seat and active children.  The dreaded ‘thump thump thump’ of a foot on the back of the seat.  This can damage the interior as well as be annoying, but there is a solution to one part of the problem: The Kick  Mat.

The Kick Mat protects the back of the seat.  The high polymer plastic resists scuffmarks and dirt from small feet, protecting your vehicle investment.

“We designed these kick mats for one reason: to protect a car’s seat from damage.  Since so many trade cars frequently and need to keep the car looking nice, it is important to protect as much as possible,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie.

Each Kick Mat has a full, lifetime replacement guarantee with absolutely no hassles or problems.  Return the old mats and get new ones; it is that simple.

Simple and easy to use, Kick Mats attach to the back of a car seat without any tools or special instructions.  Each mat slides over the back of the seat.

Freddie and Sebbie products are sold via  The online giant allows for reviews, positive and negative, for all products.  Sellers are not permitted to edit comments left from customers.  This way each review read is genuine and true.

“We have had positive reviews on all our products,” said Neil.

One such review came from Leslie, an shopper, she states, “Bought these to keep my toddler from putting dirt on the back of the passenger seat of my new car which has cloth seats. Does the job and is exactly what I was looking for. Is not an eye sore either which I am very pleased about. Would highly recommend for anyone with a toddler whose feet can reach the back of the seat.”

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