Even the Californian sunlight doesn’t stand any chance of penetrating these Car Sun Shades

The Freddie and Sebbie car sun shade has recently gotten more than 75 consumer testimonials on Amazon during its very first 6 months of trading, providing the item a typical 4.4 star rating, with lots of parents saying how well their children are safeguard

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Even the Californian sunlight doesn’t stand any chance of penetrating the Freddie and Sebbie automobile sun shade, according to questions responded to by confirmed consumers on Amazon. Issues about the products quality for hotter US states were voiced by Louise H, who asked whether anybody had made use of these shades in California. Gloria Johnson kindly addressed the issue, and said… “Yes, I live near Sacramento, and it gets fairly hot here, and I make use of these shades to keep the sun off of my driving arm. They will not stop you from getting tanned, but they will certainly minimize the quantity of exposure to the sun.”


Stephanie McSwain says she resides in Nevada, though a regular visitor to Northern California. She adds… “I make use of these shades for my little pet dog, who rides either on the front passenger seat or on the rear seat of my auto. These shades are excellent, and of good quality. I also love the shape, being rectangle-shaped rather than round, like a previous set I bought from a different shop. The coverage is good, and I just stick them on the window, without needing to utilize the suction cups, and I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.”


Other Amazon confirmed customers have likewise concurred about the total quality of the Freddie and Sebbie automobile accessory. Rui Liu states… “The quality of this sun shade is really good, even better than some other more expensive ones. I did really buy a different more costly one a week prior to purchasing this one for another vehicle. I like this one a lot more, as my child can easily see through the window, while being provided the security he needs from the sun.” Miguel Fernandez describes his shopping experience in yet another 5 star rating testimonial, who states… “Simple to set up, and my 9 year old really likes it as it keeps the glare out.


He can easily take it out of the package and replace it back neatly when done, a simple twist and compressing it correctly takes about a half a minute and it’s back in the cool pouch. We don’t utilize the suction cups, and it sticks on the window with no issues utilizing the vinyl side of the shade. It merely works! I love this item, and by the way, we have a 2014 Avalon and a 2013 Mazda CX-5, and it works well in both vehicles.”


Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson, Neil Speight, has recently said that the company is very grateful to all their consumers who take part in the q&a platform on Amazon for the car sun shade. He says… “It’s a great idea for our potential consumers to see real life accessory experiences, so they can see in real terms that we do actually provide quality devices for parents and kids alike, our business slogan, which we intend to measure up to by producing numerous other accessories over the coming months, like a luxury head support for infants.”


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