Family Picnic Blanket Ablaze On Amazon As First Year Anniversary Revealed

Household accessory merchant Freddie and Sebbie has embraced the summer season in both arms, as they announce the first year anniversary for their extremely effective outdoor picnic blanket.

( — August 20, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS —

“You may have prepared the most fantastic feast in the world,” representative for Freddie and Sebbie, Neil Speight, revealed as he opened his most recent interview. He included: “But what good is remarkable looking food, if it’s on an exhausted old blanket? Picnics are a fantastic event, and no matter where you are, you should look the part whilst you re stuffing your face!”


After being released just under a year ago, the waterproof outdoor picnic blanket by Freddie and Sebbie has managed to be granted an exceptional 5-star average rating score on Amazon Marketplace by verified purchasers. Speight also added: “From its useful design, to the water resistant liner, clients have just fallen in love with this item, however several more factors could be included as to why this particular outdoor blanket has become one of the most popular picnic blankets on Amazon amongst US households.”


Described on the Amazon Marketplace as the best companion for hiking, camping, picnics, a BBQ and even as an indoor blanket, this accessory has gotten 121 favorable ratings in the previous year alone. At 78 x 55 inches, this light-weight, over-sized blanket is made from the highest quality products on the marketplace, particularly designed to last longer than the cheaper, flimsier models on the shelves. One validated Amazon Marketplace reviewer has stated: “Over the years we have actually used a variety of blankets and beach towels for our picnics or other outdoorsy activities. The majority of them get the job done, however none of them were truly created specifically for exterior usage on a variety of surfaces and scenarios. This Freddie and Sebbie exterior blanket on the other hand is ideally created and produced for all your outdoors requirements. We’ve been using it for a number of weeks, and we definitely love it. We cannot think of going back to the regular blankets any longer.”


In response to this specific remark, Neil Speight explained why he thought this item in particular had been so successful. He stated: “We develop every one of our items with the household in mind. However so do all the other children’s accessory companies. Our unique approach as a business has helped us to create products that actually fill a gap in the existing market. Soft picnic blankets are okay, but how about when there’s a heavy dew ort freak rain shower during a picnic. Nobody wants to miss out just because the ground’s wet, so that’s why we have dedicated so much time in finding the ideal water-proof lining. Freddie and Sebbie want to make life as fun and enjoyable as possible, and with this simple and easy blanket, families can manage that hands down.”


The Freddie and Sebbie water-proof outdoor blanket is specifically available on Amazon, with many consumer reviews discussing the benefits of totally free shipping, totally free returns, and a complimentary life-time Freddie and Sebbie replacement warranty. More item and company information can be found on their main website,


The luxury outdoor blanket by Freddie and Sebbie is only sold on Amazon, where ratings of (happy) client product testimonials can be seen.




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