Finally Stroller Clips That Fit Bugaboo Strollers

So which American mommy hasn’t equipped herself with a Bugaboo Runner stroller, the baby stroller that comes with status. The Bugaboo Runner Running Stroller Extension is anticipated to be launched in Spring 2015, and is no exception to the rule, but will be taking moms into a more athletic direction. Fantastic value has actually been added for moms who currently have a Bugaboo stroller as the seat can be fitted in the brand-new design too. Moms will certainly also have the capability to run rather than simply walk, and while her baby is seated rear-facing. The futuristic looking stroller will include a speed control brake, large sized 16 inch rear wheels for a super-smooth ride, along with having a fixed 14 inch front wheel.



Bugaboo strollers discovered success at the start of this century and soon became a must have product for pregnant entertainment stars and baseball moms alike, and probably because of the steep price tag, with earlier models retailing at in between $600 and $1200 a piece. In fact, while Bugaboo were in the procedure of marketing the strollers for the very first time to the US Market, it was TV soap “Sex and the City” who approached the business about using their strollers in the show. That was their branding problem taken care of, and the brand name Bugaboo soon become a household name in America.


The concern continues to be though, how has Bugaboo managed to appeal to such a huge sector of the stroller market, while selling their strollers with such a big price tag. Well, although strollers at half the rate are commonly offered, according to Neil Speight, co-owner of Nevada based accessory company Freddie and Sebbie, parents are prepared to pay some what more for items which work well and last for a very long time, stating… “Thing is with Bugaboo is that you just know it’s not going to be a ripoff.”


Neil explained how he had moms crying out for quality stroller hook clips which would fit their Bugaboo strollers, and said… “Freddie and Sebbie which specializes in providing quality accessory options to American moms was already offering a stroller organizer, which has actually received numerous positive reviews from customers on Amazon. Lots of moms then began calling us about the need for long lasting stroller hook clips that would in fact fit Bugaboo strollers. Our imaginative team were then offered the task of manufacturing the Freddie and Sebbie universal stroller hook clips that would finally assist moms with Bugaboo strollers.”


Among the approaching 100 testimonials from American moms seen on Amazon for the Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips, one stroller owner states… “This really is just what I had to get my young kids to carry their knapsacks to school on the stroller. These clips are extremely strong and incredibly simple to place on. Now I don’t have to fret about the bags falling off the top and striking the ground or worse my children on the head, so really does the job well… Thanks so much!” Mr Speight says he anticipates Bugaboo to have yet more success with the Bugaboo Runner Running Stroller Extension when launched early next year, and is extremely confident that the Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips would fit the brand-new athletic mommy version.


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