Flying Cars On the Horizon Now Fact Not Fiction

With flying cars really coming true in contemporary life, Freddie and Sebbie creates an auto accessory they assert to be 100% future-proof.

( — August 11, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Since the dawn of science fiction, the image of the future has been centered around 3 things: hover boards, flying cars and self-lacing sneakers. The Marty McFly self-lacing Nike trainers will be released later on this year, only two scientific breakthroughs remain until we can officially declare that we are in the future, however they may well be coming earlier than formerly believed.
Fortune Magazine launched a story at the end of July this year explaining the realities of flying cars and hover-boards, and surprisingly enough, we already have the technology to make them happen. “There are really lots of car variants out there that will get you from point A to point B without touching the ground”, Robert Hackett of Fortune states: “But the issue is, they function only on an extremely small scale. High costs, policies, and physics have actually prevented anyone from making more than a few vehicles, or going very far on them.”

With a whole new dimension added to travel, however, comes a whole new dimension for travel devices. Nevada-based accessory business Freddie and Sebbie asserts to have developed a completely future-proof range of accessories, for both today and tomorrow. Freddie and Sebbie official spokesman Neil Speight, said in a recent press meeting: “Our luxury automobile organizer for instance, has not only been developed to hold items of any size, ranging from small chocolate bars all the way up to 11 inch tablets, but also to hold them safely and securely, thanks to the item’s special elastic pockets.”

While offering all passengers comfort, even on the bumpiest of roads, it has actually been produced to be as light-weight and super-strong as possible, weighing in at a measly 11 ounces, and made from the highest quality products available on the market. According to the company spokesman, it’s been produced with maximum use in mind, by using its secure wraparound system that stays securely in place, either facing forward for the driver, or backwards for the car passengers. He added: “Whether it’s a flying car, or a driving car, things are bound to slide around and fall to the floor, but with this organization system in place, the car of today can be as sleek and neat as the car of tomorrow.”

Asked if the Freddie and Sebbie vehicle organizer could really be put up to test, primary spokesperson Neil Speight responded: “Put to the test? Of course it can! Freddie and Sebbie is built on value and quality. Even if cars of the future don’t arrive for another 100 years, you can be ensured that this vehicle organizer will stand the test of time. And what if it doesn’t? Well, simply get it replaced with the free no-quibble life-time Freddie and Sebbie guarantee, which is bundled with each among our products!” Freddie and Sebbie’s luxury vehicle organizer is available to purchase solely from their Amazon storefront, with more information about this and the rest of their future-proof range of accessories to be found on their site,


The full specifications for their luxury car orgainzer can be seen here: