Freddie and Sebbie Automobile Backseat Protectors Highly Rated By 4 out of 5 US Consumers

Accessory company Freddie and Sebbie has been slowly growing in the shadows since 2012, and recently produced yet another highly rated childcare accessory, which Amazon reviews pointing out…

( — October 28, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — From automobile trash bins to diaper changing mats, and high-end picnic blankets to lunch boxes, Freddie and Sebbie has gotten scores of 4 and 5 star evaluations from validated Amazon clients across its entire variety. Its Automobile Backseat Protectors are the most recent product to have received an almost perfect 4.5 star average score, with 4 out of 5 consumers leaving an optimal 5-star evaluation of the product.


“We’re absolutely thrilled at the favorable responses we’ve gotten over our whole variety,” co-director of the business, Neil Speight revealed at his most recent press conference. He included: “Our aim was to produce budget-friendly accessories and products that would help households out. Myself and my co-director Martin are parents ourselves, and we wished to create a variety that was not only kid-proof, but truly helped to lighten the troubles and obstacles moms and dads deal with every day. With every one of our items averaging an almost-perfect rating, it looks like we’re doing something right!”.


Perfectly designed with versatility in mind, Freddie and Sebbie’s Vehicle Backseat Protectors are produced to fit most vehicles, and are produced to preserve the life-span of any automobile interior, either leather or fabric. Speight explained how the backseat protectors had been made from a scratch resistant anti slip backing, securing them in place without ever harming the seats. He added: “Children in the back can become a bit of a headache, but whether returning from a muddy soccer match, or delving into a bag of treats, you can be rest assured the automobile remains in perfect looking condition!”


Top 100 Amazon reviewer, Prisorob, has been among many to leave a 5 star review, who states that protection really is the name of the game, adding: “Protecting your automobile from spills and spots is one benefit, but seriously, these car seat protectors ought to not simply be restricted to kids. What about all the dogs that we see riding in the back seat? They slobber all over everything, which is part of their appeal, and their hair, short or long gets all over. How fantastic to have these car seat protectors in the back of your vehicle to help protect your car seats from all types of animals. They also come into use for groceries or shopping on the backseat, helping to protect the upholstery from any eventual spillages.”

Whether for a bunch of kiddies, or a pack of dogs, verified Amazon reviewers have revealed how these car seat protectors are an essential addition for any automobile owner who wishes to maintain that new-car sensation for as long as possible. Freddie and Sebbie’s entire auto range can be found on, or on their Amazon store, where scores of confirmed car seat protector reviews can also be seen.




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