Freddie And Sebbie Backseat Organizer Becomes Top Rated Product On Amazon

After retailing on Amazon for simply 6 months, the automobile backseat organizer by Freddie and Sebbie has been able to receive more than 100 client testimonials, 77 which have actually been maximum 5 star ratings with much to be said in its favor.

( — January 2, 2015) Las Vegas, NV —


The Freddie and Sebbie backseat organizer was first offered on Amazon at the end of June this year, and marketed as a child-friendly item to help assist parents keep their vehicles organized and clean. One Amazon customer certainly concurs, who just recently said… “This organizer fits magnificently and easily on the back of the passenger seat. Perfect for moms who need quick and easy access to get baby diapers, bottles and toys. We will be able to use the numerous sized pockets for many years to come! The product is tough and simple to clean, such a fantastic item, and so happy with it!”


Other backseat organizers sold on Amazon, such as brands like Brica, Munchkin, and Backseat Nanny, fall well short of the Freddie and Sebbie automobile storage organizer star scores on Amazon. The Freddie and Sebbie item presently has a typical 4.7 star score originating from a total of 104 customer reviews, including 77 optimum 5 star scores from satisfied clients. On the other hand, leading brand Brica just has 46 client testimonials, of which just 12 are 5 star ratings, offering a similar average rating score of 3.5 stars. The Munchkin backseat organizer fairs slightly better, getting 15 optimum 5 star scores from a total amount of 39, providing a star rating of 3.8.


Business spokesperson Neil Speight states that Freddie and Sebbie is over the moon with passing the 100 customer review goal line. He added… “Six months ago it actually didn’t appear possible, particularly with other brands not getting high average ratings on Amazon. We did check out many of the dissatisfied evaluations left by our competitors consumers, and in response tackled designing the Freddie and Sebbie backseat organizer, which has been made to a very high-standard using the most reliable materials available on the marketplace, which we hope will offer this car organizer a super-long life.”


Neil says that the company likewise make sure they do answer every question left on Amazon about the organizer. He added… “The question and answer area is ideal for customers who need to understand something not seen in the basic info. The interactive service enables consumers to assist each other out by supplying genuine data based on the product itself, giving potential purchasers the self-confidence required to go ahead and purchase our item. The score rating system also provides a lot of the advantages and disadvantages about a product, though current 5 star ranked testimonials left for the Freddie and Sebbie backseat organizer just note a bunch of pros.”


Among the most current comments published on Amazon simply says very well made. Another 5 star testimonial reads… “With lots of slots, it easily holds my iPad iPhone, our additional water bottles, and a few snacks. Alex S.” Lastly, Lindsay D. Medina sums up the basic feeling amongst Freddie and Sebbie consumers on Amazon, who states… “It has assisted immensely keeping the backseat of my automobile neat and tidy.”


This car accessory is only sold on Amazon and features a lifetime guarantee. There are a number of consumer testimonials already on Amazon about the Freddie and Sebbie luxurious backseat organizer.






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