Freddie and Sebbie Car Organizer Acclaimed Perfect Option For Saving Wiz Kid Gadgets

The Freddie and Sebbie Vehicle Organizer has actually been praised as the ideal companion for wiz kids’ gadgets on long car journeys in reviews written by verified buyers on the Amazon Marketplace

( — July 14, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — Freddie and Sebbie is a Nevada based brand, specializing in accessories created to make life as simple as possible for children and adults alike. At a recent interview, company representative Neil Speight proclaimed, “Right here at Freddie and Sebbie, we like to keep updated with any trends that may impact households, so that we can adapt our items to the modern household’s requires. Every child now has some kind of gizmo or tablet, and we understood that the days of backseats cluttered with Lego and military guys are now a thing of the past. Instead of getting sad and nostalgic, however, we are moving with the times. This is where our kid’s automobile organizer comes in.”


At 11.8 by 9.1 inches, the compact Freddie and Sebbie Automobile Organizer is first and foremost created to keep any automobile interior neat, tidy and organized. To set itself apart from the other vehicle organizers on the market, however, this item is specifically created to hold any electrical gadget the contemporary teenager may need on a long car trip. “The main pocket”, Speight discussed, “is specifically designed to hold and secure an 8 inch – 11 inch tablet. With a durable back, and mesh front, it will keep the tablet in place and scratch free. The front two mesh pockets are ideal for phones or mp3 players, and the middle pockets are great for portable games consoles, earphones and other essential gadgets. It’s a wiz kid’s dream!”


Currently, the Freddie and Sebbie Car Organizer has a typical 4.6 score out of a possible 5 stars on Amazon, and clients are more than pleased to boast about the usefulness of this product. Top Amazon customer, D. Fowler, stated in his rating: “I’m a fan of Freddie & Sebbie items and have several of them. All of them are high quality items that I would not hesitate to suggest to friends or give as gifts. This one isn’t simply targeted toward the baby or toddler, but rather anyone who happens to get stuck in the back seat. If you have a tween or teenager, they can even tuck a full-sized tablet in the back pocket. The outside of the organizer is lined with a plastic-like piping that will keep the outside safe from a lot of wear and tear, and the heavy 1″ nylon strapping was really easy to adjust and will probably fit practically every vehicle.”


He added: “There’s only the one strap, but the organizer is sturdy enough to merely hang in front of the user. If you haven’t experimented with a Freddie & Sebbie product yet, you just have no idea how excellent they are.”


Just like all Freddie and Sebbie items, this item has a complimentary lifetime guarantee, and can be ordered solely through the Amazon marketplace, with more products and business information discovered on the Freddie and Sebbie site, at
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