Freddie and Sebbie Car Seat Sunshade Protects Chair, Buckles and Child From The Heat

The news is rampant these days with stories about children left in car seats in a vehicle, but the danger of blistered skin can happen when a child is first put into a car seat.

“When your car is parked for several hours, it gets hot. If it’s in the direct sun, it gets even hotter. You know what car seats can feel like after sitting in the sun for hours,” said Neil Speight, a spokesman for a company that makes child car seat sunshades. “Imagine how it feels to a child.”

Mr. Speight pointed to a peer-reviewed medical study in Japan about car seats, direct sunlight and how hot a child’s car seat can get. He admits he was surprised to learn the temperature of a car seat can get as high as 149 degrees.

“I knew it could get hot, but not that hot. This study really surprised me. It absolutely points out the need to keep safety seats protected from the sun,” he said. “The study also showed that black vehicles get hotter than other color cars, but all of them can make a car seat dangerously hot.”

The Freddie and Sebbie child car seat sunshade is made of tough materials that will hold up to years of use. Each sunshade collapses for easy storage in an included carry case. The sunshade edges have an elastic band which helps easily secure it to most child safety seats.

“We make our products tough because we know children are going to test their environment. They break things and tear stuff up. So, we have a free lifetime replacement warranty. If your sunshade every become unusable, send it back and we send you a replacement at no charge,” Mr. Speight said.
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