Freddie and Sebbie Discover The Secret To Business Success On Amazon

The secret to the business success according to the “Freddie and Sebbie” co-founder with 4 kids of his own Neil Speight can be put down to Amazon truly being a just and free marketplace, making it possible for modern smaller online companies to fairly compete against businesses frequently seen listed on the DOW JONES index.



Freddie and Sebbie has been trading exclusively on for nearly two years and has actually just passed the 10 product turning point and also easily passed their target of 1000 favorable testimonials from Amazon confirmed customers. Mr Speight states… “There are several aspects that have helped Freddie and Sebbie end up being a leading listed trader on Amazon, who are indeed the ideal partner for small online businesses trading online. Amazon is practically a family brand name today, many individuals instantly look there first for more affordable quality items, which thankfully are always found listed together with the much better recognized brand names. Amazon is also an excellent partner for online companies because of their outstanding shipping service, and they also make it simple for their customers to obtain a refund if required, so customers generally feel they are making a safe purchase while shopping on Amazon”


According to Neil, the Freddie and Sebbie business philosophy has actually also played a significant role in their preliminary successes, who stated… “Freddie and Sebbie was started in 2012 by my bro and I who have 6 children between us, including my baby twins called Freddie and Sebbie. We were both finding it tough to discover quality car accessories to assist avoid the children from getting our automobiles stained or just being left in a horrible mess. So we put our heads together to form a business that provided practical options for moms and dads requiring assistance to keep their automobiles arranged and free of scuff marks and stains typically pricey to eliminate.”


He continued by saying… “We were also very aware that our creations would have to be designed to extremely high standards, with competitive prices having to be a real must. Although Amazon do help customers to get a refund when required, we also decided to go a step further by offering a life time no-hassle complimentary replacement warranty, which has also ended up being an extremely significant factor in our very first years’ successes.”


Neil also revealed what had most helped them to compete against larger companies, which were the large quantity of favorable customer reviews that had been published under their item listings, stating… “We were pretty confident that our items would sell well on Amazon. Nowadays it’s hard to find quality items at low prices as enhanced competition has commonly led to high standards becoming dispensable, so we understood what had to be done to make our customers leave great product evaluations on Amazon. In fact our finest selling item “Kick Mats” now has even more client evaluations than the Britax brand in addition to a better star rating, which really does say something about our quality standards.”


Following the success of the kick mats, Freddie and Sebbie went on to develop other quality car organizer accessories to help moms and dads with the task of keeping a car spick-and-span, consisting of a car seat protector, a car seat sunshade and an extra big trash organizer. The Freddie and Sebbie Amazon Shop also provides other accessories to assist parents organize strollers, bedrooms, bath time and picnic outings.







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