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Freddie and Sebbie, an online child and family accessory merchant selling quality for value items solely on Amazon, has managed to score the highest ranked spot for the Amazon Marketplace’s…

( — June 15, 2015) Las Vegas, NV —

Freddie and Sebbie, an online child and family accessory merchant selling quality for value items solely on Amazon, has managed to score the highest ranked spot for the Amazon Marketplace’s comprehensive list of cooler bags.


(Main) Freddie and Sebbie has been selling on the marketplace for just over two years now, with their 18 products on the marketplace being some of the greatest rated in the whole Amazon Marketplace catalog. Their extra-large cooler bag is no exception, and has actually preserved a 5 star score since being launched.


Company co-founder and main spokesperson, Neil Speight, stated in a recent press conference: “I’m pleased that our products are hitting the market with such recognition. Our large cooler bag has actually gotten fantastic feedback, and it remains in the highest rated spot for cooler bags on Amazon, when ranked by confirmed consumer ratings. If that isn’t the very best feedback we might ask for, I don’t know what is!”


The spokesperson likewise stated that this cooler bag sets itself apart just because it resonates with the Freddie and Sebbie quality that appears in every single one of their items. He included: “This bag is made from the highest quality leak-proof material on the market, specifically designed to keep out the warm summertime air, and keep cold things cold. This extra-large bag (13″ deep by 6.5″ tall by 21.5″ wide) is perfect for any outside activity, from bbqs to picnics, from sports games to trekking journeys, and unlike less expensive cooler bags, the big cushioned carrying handles and carry strap are specifically created to be carried as easily as possible.”

According to Neil, the bag has genuinely been made with the family in mind, even showcasing two Velcro straps to hold the bag totally flat when folded away. He concluded the press conference by saying: “It’s made to last, provided at a budget-friendly cost and most significantly of all, has the complimentary Freddie and Sebbie no-hassle lifetime assurance.”


Online client reviews mean everything to Amazon Marketplace buyers, and Freddie and Sebbie encourage users to leave comments and reviews, not just for other clients, but for feedback on methods to improve their own items. This product has gotten 25 5-star ratings up until now, among which was Christy Lynn from the United States, who stated: “I love this product! The second I opened this product I was extremely thrilled due to the fact that not only is it elegant but the quality is flawless! The material is thick, strong and water resistant and it’s insulated effectively inside the big pocket. The zipper across the top is made with resilient strong materials too. I love the design of this bag as well because it’s far better looking than many other cooler bags I have actually seen and had previously. All around fantastic product, fantastic quality and stunning design!”


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