Freddie and Sebbie Launches More Stylish Lunch Bags This Summer

Following 2 years of trading solely on the Amazon Marketplace selling children’s and auto accessories, Nevada based business Freddie and Sebbie has just recently announced the launch of a new…

( — August 3, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS —

Freddie and Sebbie, an up and coming brand renowned for their high-quality, low priced products, recently launched a rather stylish neoprene lunch bag. Official spokesperson Neil Speight, revealed during a recent interview that the introduction of the fashionable item had actually been a way of thanking all the devoted moms who have been their customer over the last couple of years. He also explained that the bag had been developed not only to be functional but also to be stylish.


Speight went on to say that their Neoprene lunch bag had a long list of features, making it a lot different from those offered by competitors. From the visual appeals to the materials used, Neil said that it’s a product created by the company’s sheer ingenuity. He added: “It has been designed with soft plastic handles, which makes the bag a snap to carry. The bag measures 10 inches in depth, 6 inches in width, and 14 inches in length. The generous size makes it simple for the bag to accommodate what you will be having for lunch. There’s undoubtedly sufficient space for a day’s meals and beverages, ”


Sturdiness is one more quality of Freddie and Sebbie’s large neoprene lunchbox that Speight happily highlights during the launch of the product. The business came up with a lunch bag that does not only excel in terms of having an attractive design but additionally because of a well-thought construction, making it possible to hold up against several years of use. This targets to replace non reusable lunch bags or those that will easily ask for a replacement after just a brief period of use.


Prior to the public release of the large neoprene lunchbox from Freddie and Sebbie, the business has performed rigid quality control measures to make sure that it is at its best prior to being presented to the public. Confirmed feedback has been collected from those who have tested the item to suggest further tweaks for improvement. With this, Speight has guaranteed that the product is in the ideal condition before being released.


Freddie and Sebbie’s large neoprene lunchbox is backed with a lifetime guarantee, which is among its most unique features. The lifetime replacement policy offers purchasers the confidence that it will be a testament of exceptional quality. Freddie and Sebbie’s large neoprene lunchbox is readily available exclusively from For questions and further inquiries about the product, prospective clients may either have a look at Freddie and Sebbie’s Amazon storefront, or send an e-mail to


The Freddie and Sebbie lunch bag is now available on Amazon. For more details their special store web site.





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