Freddie and Sebbie Product Acclaimed For Safeguarding Kids In Cars From UV Rays

The car sun shade by Freddie and Sebbie, an item specifically created to safeguard children in a vehicle from unsafe UV rays, has been acclaimed by thankful dads and moms on the Amazon Marketplace

( — June 8, 2015) Las Vegas, NV —

According to official business spokesman, Mr Neil Speight, the main advantages featured come through the long lasting enhanced wire frame that holds the product in place. During a recent interview held by Freddie and Sebbie, Neil stated: “The item has actually been made to the highest requirements in quality, durability, and naturally security, however the main advantage that this product provides is the UPF 30+ screen protection, which safeguards children from the severe light and heat of the sun that can lead to skin damage.”


This car sun shade also has a pouch, beneficial for simple and hassle-free storage. Furthermore, the Amazon product description has provided size dimensions as 19.5″ wide by 12.5″ in length, while stating that it is extremely easy and basic to install on the car window. During the press meeting, Neil likewise said: “With all these advantages that our vehicle sun shade supplies, plus the fact that summer season ends up being hotter and hotter by the day, it has actually become a real must for moms and dads to have in the vehicle. As a father myself, I understand how important it is that kids are safeguarded from the added heat and UV rays that summer brings, especially while so susceptible sat inside the vehicle. For that matter of issue, the Freddie and Sebbie vehicle sun shade was specifically designed, to in fact fit most cars, and it has actually been tried and tested by moms and dads throughout the US, as seen within the scores of validated buyer ratings on the Amazon Marketplace.”


Lots of US moms and dads would appear to enjoy this car sun shade for all the features and benefits the product provides. One of our clients has actually said in a five star rating review: “This one is perfect. It sticks so well. It actually shades the sun, and actually keeps my child cool. I actually have a 4-door Infiniti G 35 sedan, so it does not cover the back entirely, but it does supply sufficient protection as far as width goes, and I like that it can be repositioned quickly to counteract a moving sun.”


Neil concluded the press conference by thanking parents for such a terrific response in their Amazon item reviews, which he says are so important for validating all of the advantages explained on Amazon, so other parents can see the need for such a device in a car with kids.


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