Freddie and Sebbie Releases New Images Of Deluxe x Large Car Trash Bin

Freddie and Sebbie was founded in 2013 and serve the kids accessory industry. They are already very well known for producing high quality low cost car accessories, which have been especially adapted for children and babies. Nevada based company “Freddie and Sebbie” have recently released new images of their latest accessory invention, a deluxe car trash bin, which promises to solve the problem of untidy car interiors permanently.



The images are very revealing indeed, and if the deluxe car trash bin really does deliver, it will have provided a solution for car owners to keep their car interiors free of trash, without it ever collapsing or falling over, which is a common problem with existing car trash bins. The Freddie and Sebbie Amazon review reveals that the deluxe car trash bin is also 100% leak free, meaning leftover coffee or soft drinks will never ever seep out and cause stains again, which are often extremely difficult and expensive to remove.


Freddie and Sebbie owner Neil Speight says there are already many people considering buying their deluxe car trash bin and that there is currently a lot of buzz around in the kids accessory field, regarding its potential benefits. The Amazon review gives an objective analysis of how well the deluxe car trash bin actually delivers with some insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price.


While interviewing Mr Speight about the benefits of new product, he said… “I have four kids of my own the youngest being the baby twins Freddie and Sebbie, I had already invested in a car trash bin myself, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that it just didn’t perform, so I got my thinking hat on and explained my dilemma to the Freddie and Sebbie production team, with much emphasis made on size, sturdiness, and leakage problems. Within a few months I was sent the very first model and immediately put it to the test. I took the first images that I have shared with you today, and you can see just how effective to looks”.


Neil finished off by saying that their latest product… “the deluxe x large car trash bin would also have the same lifetime guarantee as all of our other accessories seen on, meaning that if it does ever let you down, you just have to send it back to receive a brand new one, no questions asked!”


The new images along with complete product specifications can be seen on Amazon here:


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