Freddie and Sebbie The Popular Product Line For Children Announce’s Their New Luxury Outdoor Blanket

Outdoor Blanket

Freddie and Sebbie are the names of children.  Their parents create items for children and babies born out of necessity and need.

Their newest item is sure to be a hit.

Their latest is an Outdoor Blanket.

This is not just any blanket.  An outdoor blanket designed to take the roughest treatment and come out shining; this blanket is perfect for a beach trip, picnic or any outdoor activity.

Outdoor Blanket

Made of a high quality Burberry-style material, the Outdoor Blanket is substantially large when open. Measuring 78in x 55in and a waterproof PEVA backing, the blanket has a foam layer on the inside as well.

Leather handles on the blanket make convenient and helpful carrying a breeze. The high quality construction means years of quality use without damage.

“The backing is PEVA waterproof, 100 percent polyester acrylic foam. This means it is great for the beach and picnics,” said Neil.

“Packing everything necessary for an outdoor jaunt can be difficult. This blanket has one more trick up its ‘sleeve’,” said Neil.

The entire blanket folds up into a small package and then is buckled with high quality leather straps.  This makes the Outdoor Blanket portable and compact for parents juggling more than just a child.

Since all of Freddie and Sebbie products are used by the makers, you can be sure of the quality and design of each product in the line.

“We are parents so we understand the need for quality items that will last. That is why all Freddie and Sebbie products have a lifetime guarantee,” said Neil.

Marketing their product was going to be a problem. A small business simply cannot reach enough customers. The pair turned to for help.

“Amazon’s shipping and international reach meant our products could help as many parents as possible,” said Neil.

All Freddie and Sebbie products are sold exclusively through The blanket is another of Freddie and Sebbie’s product line. It is also one of the most popular. For more information or to read customer reviews visit: