Freddie and Sebbie Toy Hammock Blazes Past 150 Evaluation Milestone

Freddie and Sebbie’s Jumbo Toy Hammock now stands at 150 customer feedback ratings, balancing a 4.8 near-perfect score, with parents throughout the United States explaining why they would…

( — August 24, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Freddie and Sebbie, a Nevada-based kids’ accessory company, has actually been pleasing moms and dads all over the US since their first product reached the racks nearly three years ago. Continuously compared in customer reviews to bigger brand names, such as Britac, Freddie and Sebbie strives to offer high-grade items at purse-friendly costs. With well over 100 reviews now on their Jumbo Toy Hammock, it is clear to see that their first-class business principles arereaching the heart of many family homes.


Similar to all Freddie and Sebbie products, their Jumbo Toy Hammock is made from the highest quality materials offered on the marketplace, and every single one of their accessories has actually been checked to be BPA, Lead and Phthalate free. The specifically developed hook and anchor weight system creates a durable base for the heaviest load of toys, and the package comes bundled with the Freddie and Sebbie complimentary life-time guarantee.


“Children are untidy,” business front-man Neil Speight stated in a conference recently. “However the key isn’t really to punish untidy kids. The secret is to provide them some independence – instead of forcing them to clean up, make them think it’s their choice to. We brought our toy hammock to the market not just for moms and dads, but for kids too. We specifically designed it so that it could be hung low to the ground, and children can reach in or clean up as they please! We can gloat all we like about the time and effort we put into making our items as durable, useful and easy-to-use as possible, however it’s exactly what other individuals believe that counts, and with 151 customer reviews for this product alone, Freddie and Sebbie’s clients are absolutely speaking volumes.”


Whilst reviewer K. Groh specified: “The first thing my daughter said was, ‘Oh cool!'” some reviewers have found the Hammock to be better for themselves than their kids. Free Spirit for example, wrote: “This is a cool principle of making storage area out of thin air, literally! The hammock is a cool concept and it looks completely fine in a living room. We have actually been using it to keep toys for our kids, but I am now thinking I could use it for other things too.” Whilst top-500 customer Dianne E. said: “My major use is another way to store my bags (yes I collect purses and I am running out of storage room space), however if you keep your potatoes and onions in your cellar, this is great to keep them dry and have the air circulate. There are so many different uses for such an affordable item, it’s an essential for any household!”


Freddie and Sebbie’s Jumbo Toy (or bag, or onion) Hammock is readily available to purchase from Freddie and Sebbie’s Amazon Marketplace store, with more product information found on their website here:


For further information about the new deluxe jumbo toy hammock storage organizer, available exclusively via





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