Freddie and Sebbie’s Kick Mats Have Car Owners Singing ‘Halleluiah’

Guaranteed to instantly protect car upholstery and seats from scuff marks and dirty footprints, the Freddie and Sebbie’s Kick Mats have car owners singing ‘halleluiah’.

The recently released kick mats are made to a very high-standard, which gives them a super-long life, according to Neil Speight, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, a child product company based in Las Vegas.

“These child friendly two per pack kick mat protectors are very easy to keep clean, and are simple and easy to install. They provide adequate protection for both driver and passenger seats,” noted Speight, who added that the kick mats come with a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee.

“These deluxe car seat back protectors are guaranteed to keep your car seats 100 per cent clean from all the stains and scuff marks left by the kid. With these auto-protective seat covers – designed for most vehicles – will protect the investment you have put into making your car interior and seats looking new and clean all the time,” said Speight.


Following are two of the rave reviews Speight has received from satisfied customers, who have purchased the kick mats on

Christine – New York: “The Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mats were the BEST item I bought for my car. They fit any car seat absolutely perfect, and are nice enough that they even look like they could’ve come with the new car from the dealership. They have protected my new car seats from many unwanted stains. Although I love my new car, I absolutely love my son and had to come up with a way to protect my car without constantly hounding my son to be careful with his shoes.

With these kick mats, you will NEVER have to worry about getting stains on your seats again. These kick mats are an essential item for any car, and anyone who has kids and/or has just bought a new car. I could almost guarantee that you will love this item. I would never be able to be as laid back and enjoying my new car as much as I have since I got these mats. I have a 2013 Honda Civic, and that is a pretty standard car. If they fit my car perfectly, they will definitely fit many other cars. A matter a fact my friend is buying a new car soon and these kick mats are on her list already.”

Shauna Marie: “After A LOT of research, both online and in stores, I settled on these kick mats from Freddie and Sebbie. I couldn’t be happier. I was originally looking into Britax, Brica, Prince Lionheart, Munchkin, and Summer Infant brands. I found all of these (except Prince Lionheart) to be too busy for our needs after realizing that my three-year-old’s feet often plant themselves near the top of the seat. I thought the pockets would be a nice draw for her, but then pictured them just being in the way.

They may be great for a younger, less active kid, or an older one who understands to keep their feet off the seat, but not for ours right now! As for the size. We just got a 2014 Acura MDX, and these covers fit the seat perfectly; not a piece (that she can reach) is exposed. The kick mats come in a pack of 2, so we put the other one in our Infiniti sedan, and it also fits great!

Now she can rest her feet comfortably, and our seats are fully protected. I honestly didn’t think we were ever going to need these, and was hoping she would eventually listen to our demands, but then I imagined my feet just dangling around with all the blood rushing to them; it’s no wonder she prefers to kick them up every now and then! Now, she can kick them back on these awesome mats any time she wants! Oh, and we have yet to take advantage of this offer, but these mats also come with a Lifetime Guarantee! They are the only brand I found that provides this benefit.”
About Freddie and Sebbie:
Freddie and Sebbie is a brand new company about to launch selling high quality, value for money baby products. We are two brothers in our 40’s, married (not to each other) with six children between us, the youngest of which are two baby twins called “Freddie and Sebbie”.

We personally have spent a small fortune on baby products and accessories, and in our search for high quality, value for money goods, we have found some great products we can share, so we decided to start a business offering them to other parents. We are certain you’re going to love the products, and we all personally use them with our own children.

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