Freddie and Sebbie’s Toy Hammock Receives 200th Testimonial From Clients on Amazon

Freddie and Sebbie’s innovative space-making accessory has been awarded over 200 reviews since its launch onto the Amazon Marketplace, with customers remaining to highlight…
toy hammock by freddie and sebbie

Las Vegas, Nevada — Nevada-based childcare and home accessory brand Freddie and Sebbie recently expressed their appreciation towards customers in a press conference, with spokesman Neil Speight announcing their Jumbo Toy Hammock achievement of an amazing 4.7 star average client score, coming from over 200 Amazon-verified consumer evaluations.

Speight added: “Clients actually can’t seem to get over how one simple device has actually made such a dramatic change to their houses! It’s so fantastic to see that people are speaking up about all the ways they utilize their Jumbo Toy Hammock – whether for their kids’ toy collections, or as a super-convenient way for hanging potatoes in a garage. Quite honestly, to have been awarded a practically perfect product rating from so many testimonials is quite an outstanding accomplishment!”

Made from high quality materials, Freddie and Sebbie’s toy hammock has achieved virtual instant success for both versatility and flexibility, and as an ingenious storage solution for parents in particular. Packed with all the appropriate installation accessories, in addition to a free complimentary life-time guarantee, the toy hammock by Freddie and Sebbie is acclaimed to be the perfect addition to bedrooms of all sizes by Amazon consumers.

Of the 200 Amazon evaluations seen on the product’s item page, an astonishing 93% of consumers rated the item with either 4 or 5 stars. One extremely esteemed Top 50 Amazon Customer, F.S stated of the product: “A cool idea for making storage space from thin air, literally! We’ve been using it to store our kid’s toys, but other ideas have soon sprung to mind. For now, we are keeping toys that the children want ready access to, and play with the most, so they do not have to open cabinets searching for toys – they are right in front of them! The hammock, connected to one corner of a space at say a little above waist height, looks fantastic!”

Freddie and Sebbie’s Jumbo Toy Hammock, together with a wide variety of other items and accessories for both kids and the home, can be viewed on their site, Their complete range of accessory items are readily available to purchase with confidence from their shop, where further toy hammock reviews can likewise be found.


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