Front Seat Organizer By Freddie And Sebbie Awarded Top Rated Item In Auto Accessories

Freddie and Sebbie, a business in Las Vegas, NV, is proud to reveal that their car seat organizer has actually received over 100 favorable ratings on the Amazon Marketplace.

( — July 7, 2015) Las Vegas, NV —  “We have gotten numerous favorable reviews, it is overwhelming”, says Neil Speight from Freddie and Sebbie. “As a way to say thank you, we have decreased the cost of our safety seat organizer for a restricted time only, thereby permitting more individuals to get their hands on this item.”


Certainly, the car seat organizer ratings have actually been extremely positive, commending not just the item, but the business too. “This is a well made small organizer”, says Ali Julia. “It is meant to hang on the car’s headrest. It can be mounted facing forward or in reverse and in my review video you can see it installed both ways.”


Most of the reviews also discuss how delighted they are with the many compartments they have to place things in. It is truly a luxury product that can benefit not simply individuals with children who want to have things like toys, snacks and beverages with them, but adults as well. Lots of people will have things such as a note pad, their mobile phone as well as their tablet in the vehicle seat organizer. It assists in keeping everything in one place, protected from scratches and other damage, and guarantees it is really easy to reach”.


In another car storage organizer review left by D. Fowler, who is among the Amazon Marketplace’s Top 10 Reviewers, it was noted that “I’m a fan of Freddie & Sebbie products and have several of them. All of them are high quality products that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to friends or giving as presents. Among my all-time favorites was the blanket, however this organizer is perfect for the clutter bug. This one isn’t just targeted toward the baby or toddler, but rather anybody who happens to get stuck in the back seat. If you have a ‘tween or teenager, they can even tuck a full-sized tablet in the back pocket. If you haven’t tried out any Freddie & Sebbie items, you just have no idea how great they are.”


According to main spokesman Neil Speight, Freddie and Sebbie is proud to be so well appreciated by their clients. They plan to continue to deliver high quality, luxury, durable and most of all functional items. As a method to say thanks to their devoted consumers, they have offered the car seat organizer with a $10 discount, but stocks are selling extremely rapidly, so customers are encouraged to buy theirs quickly to avoid disappointment.


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