Hailed As The Only Outdoor Blanket You’ll Ever Need!

Hailed as the only outdoor blanket a person will ever need that’s conveniently suitable for picnic or beach use, the newly designed luxury Outdoor Blanket, designed by Freddie and Sebbie, has effectively settled once and for all the issue of cheap and nasty blankets which usually end up unserviceable after a couple of use.

“If cheap blanks usually bugged the hell out of you, then you know longer has an issue, because the new luxury, stylish and award winning Outdoor Blanket is like the proverbial White Knight come riding in to save the day,” says Neil.

“You also no longer have to dread carrying your cheap or old and tatty blanket to the beach or to your company or church picnic. The new Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie will save the day for you any time, any occasion, anywhere,” adds Neil.

One of the reasons put forward by the Outdoor Blanket spokesperson for owning one of these stylishly made all purpose Outdoor Blankets is its durable flexibility for being the perfect blanket for any occasion, because it fits right into every situation.

Other listed benefits of the Outdoor Blanket include its spaciousness, lightweight, and easy to fold and compactness. Said to be made from the strongest quality materials available, the Outdoor Blanket is 100 per cent polyester, won’t rip or tear like the cheap ones often seen on the market, water-resistant material perfect for any occasion, and comes with a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee.

“No longer will you be embarrassed or feel out of place, whether it is spread out on the back seat of your Bentley or some other less prestigious vehicle. One thing is for sure, it gives the whole family or your date a most comfortable, soft and relax surface to relax on, and I am certain that makes life that much easier for everyone, especially when you are out and about with the children,” explains Neil.

For further information about Press Release’s From Freddie and Sebbie visit here: http://www.newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00077298-outdoor-blanket.html