High-End Velcro Stroller Hook Clips Awarded 4.6 Star Rating By USA Customers

Moms from all over the US are rejoicing about yet another baby product made by Freddie and Sebbie, described as luxury Velcro stroller hook clips.

(Newswire.net — October 19, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — With a 4.6-star rating from nearly 200 customers around the US, the luxury Velcro stroller clips by Freddie and Sebbie are getting incredible evaluations on Amazon.com, while additionally becoming the top-rated product of its category. Guaranteed to keep shopping bags safe and secure, lots of US moms have confirmed that the accessory provides flexibility to hands and shoulders from heavy weight, while walking around town with their child. One United States mom states: “Strollers are supposed to help you out so you won’t need to deal with a youngster’s outburst after being so tired of walking or needing to carry your resting child while you’re outdoors. However, if you have a great deal of things to carry, and the compartment below the stroller is just not large enough, as is the case with most name-brand strollers, reviews on Amazon.com have revealed, then these stroller hooks would certainly be the accessory you require.”

The flexibility of the design has been a focal point of many Amazon Marketplace reviewers, who have advocated the ease of which these hooks can be interchangeable used between different brands of stroller. One confirmed consumer from the US has shared her experiences with these stroller hooks, while comparing them with others she’d tried before, which she says had stayed open, and didn’t in fact effectively protect her things. Another user has commented about how these hooks fit perfectly well on her brand of stroller, stating: “Because you can use 2 stroller hooks at a time on each end of the stroller, you can distribute the weight by attaching a diaper bag on one side and your handbag or some shopping bags on another which prevents tipping over of the stroller.”

Freddie and Sebbie representative, Neil Speight discussed the product design during a recent press meeting. He said: “Our child-friendly stroller hooks do not have rough or sharp edges, so if a young child does choose to mess around by pressing his own stroller, there’s no need to fret about him getting harmed by the hooks.”

According to J.L from New York City, these are a luxury set of Velcro stroller hooks that will last for generations to come. The Velcro function is likewise a fantastic addition according to many of these mamas, as it avoids the need to adjust it to fit different stroller handles. Neil added: “Who would have believed that such a little thing make such a big difference to moms who are struggling carrying all those diaper bags, toys, shopping bags and a great deal more while pushing strollers at the same time? Most strollers don’t come with stroller clips – if your kid’s stroller doesn’t, then you should definitely check this stroller accessory out.”

The Velcro stroller clips by Freddie and Sebbie are solely sold on Amazon.com, where more images and stroller clips evaluations can be found. Added products on sale by Freddie and Sebbie, can be found on their website, freddieandsebbie.com.

To learn more about the Stroller Hook Clips, or other products on offer from Freddie and Sebbie, simply see their Amazon Marketplace store, or their web site: http://www.amazon.com/Stroller-Hook-Clips-Guaranteed-Replacement/dp/B00CKSU82K/


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