Insulated Lunch Tote Awarded 98% Positive Feedback on Amazon

The Freddie and Sebbie Lunch Tote Bag has actually gotten overwhelmingly positive comments from online customers, with 98% of those who published their testimonials on the Amazon Marketplace…

( — April 6, 2016) Las Vegas, Nevada — Neil Speight, company representative for Freddie and Sebbie, stated that as of April 2nd, the lunch bag had actually received a total of 125 customer evaluations. He added. “Around 89% of customers provided the product a score of 5 stars, while 9% have given it a 4 star score, totaling 98% favorable feedback.

“One significant reason that many customers say favorable things about our product is the fact that we made it using premium and high quality materials. We likewise ensured that the products are PVC free, Environment-friendly, and non-toxic. In this way, we are being responsible in the items that we develop and produce. As an outcome, no harm is caused to the users especially the youngsters and obviously our mother nature,” said Neil Speight.

Speight additionally stated that they’d ensured the accessory was made to the right size and measurements for daily usage. He added: “The lunch bag has a total weight of 0.6 ounces and its measurements are 8.3 x 8.3 x 0.2 inches. The design is ideal to fit various kinds of bento boxes, ice bags, food containers, and lunch boxes. What makes it even better, according to lots of customers, is the lifetime warranty that it comes with.”

Each consumer has actually had his/her own way of saying something positive about the insulated lug bag. A.R, who posted a testimonial in January 2016, says her general impression of the bag was that it had a terrific and very spacious design. She particularly liked the outer pockets that she states are in fact two flexible meshes. She adds: “The bags are padded or insulated well. No problems with smell.”

Another consumer who liked the insulated lunch bag was S.C, who posted her review in March 2016 after stumbling upon the product on the Amazon Marketplace during her search for a brand-new lunch bag. “I truly needed a brand-new lunch bag as my original one had actually warped to the point it was no longer beneficial. I knew I would discover something on the Amazon Marketplace and saw this bag and checked out the evaluations, which all seemed positive, so I bought this bag. I have to stay, I love it! It holds my lunch containers and treat containers well without any problems. I will probably purchase a bigger bag in the future, but this one is excellent! I highly recommend it,” she stated.

More information concerning the black lunch tote by Freddie and Sebbie is discovered on their special Amazon store, together with scores of confirmed tote bag testimonials composed by the Nevada based business’s consumers. Freddie and Sebbie likewise have everything listed on their site,


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