Kick Mats by Freddie and Sebbie – 2-pack

Kick Mats

Kick Mats

Having a clean car from the inside to the outside is one goal that most people want. In most cases, the outside of the car is the first one to get dirty mainly because it is the part that is exposed to dirt and dust every day. But in some cases, the inside of the car is the first one to get dirty especially the backside of the front seat because some kids love to kick these parts. Having a dusty and dirty seat is one problem that most parents encounter when their children is sitting on the back seat of the car. But with the development of kick mats that protect the backside of the front seat, dirty seats can be prevented even if the kids continue to kick it.

Kick mat is one helpful thing to keep the backside of your front seat always clean. Removing the shoes of your children when inside the car can now be avoided. With the help of kick mats, your kids can kick the back side of the front seat all day long without even worrying about it. Kick mats are sold in two pieces, perfect for each of the front seats. This is made from high grade plastic that is durable enough to take any kinds of abuse. These kick mats can fit most cars. It is easily installed in the back of the front seat by strapping around the seat. Kick mats also come in two colors that can perfectly fit in the color of your car seat. It comes in gray and transparent.

The problem of having shoe marks and dust in the upholstery of the car is eliminated with the use of kick mats. Having it cleaned and vacuumed every day is not needed. The kick mats are easy to clean by just washing it with water and soap and with a quick rinse, the kick mats are ready to be used again. Saving all kinds of trouble that your car seat can have, this simple but effective kick mat can make your car seat clean and free of scuffs and dust all the time. Kick mats will not cause damage to the car seats. Instead, it will provide protection from all kinds of shoe marks, stains and kicks that can permanently damage the seat cover. Going to a professional car valet can be expensive, but investing in brand new kick mats can make the most value for your money.

Giving your car the accessory that can protect the backside of both the driver and the passenger seat is probably worthy. Car accessories make the car look good and sometimes sporty, but don’t give any protection at all. The kick mats can give your car both the looks and the protection it needs from your children. Kick mats are child friendly and have no toxic materials or bad odors that can affect the child’s health. It is perfectly safe for all ages. Kick mats also come with a lifetime guaranty, ensuring the best performance from it.

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