Kick Mats by Freddie and Sebbie Proving to be a Big Seller for Parents

Since it’s introduction, sales of the Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mat have soared.

The Kick Mat covers the back side of a vehicle seat. The clear, heavy duty material stands up to abuse from even the most energetic of children.

“Anyone with children knows the kids get bored on long car rides. They kick the back side of the seat, scrub their feet on it and even scribble on it. The kick Mat provides a surface for them to do all that without damaging the seat,” said Neil, creator of the Kick Mat, a cover for the backside of a car’s seat. “They can use it as a dry erase board. Draw, write, wipe it down and draw some more. Kids love to draw and this is a great way to let them be expressive.”

Kick Mat is attached the top on the headrest posts and along the bottom by an elastic band. The mats can be seen at

“It’s easy to put on because it needs to be easy to take off,” Neil said. “When the kids get finished, simply take them off and hose them down in the yard. Let dry for a few minutes and put the Kick Mats back in place. You and the kids are ready for the next trip.”

Since many seats have a pouch on the back side, Kick Mats serve to protect the pouch too. Kids can’t knock dirt and mud off their shoes into the pouch. Since the Kick Mat is clear, the children can still see what’s in the pouch and reach around it to take out whatever they want.

“If it wasn’t clear, the kids would always be moving it out the way to see the seat. By being clear, they can see the seat and tend to ignore the Kick Mat,” Neil; said.

Neil said the Kick Mat is a way for parents to preserve the investment that is their vehicle.

“You take care of the motor by changing the oil. You change tires when needed. You have other maintenance done as needed. That’s all part of protecting the money you have tied up in the vehicle. Now, what about protecting the interior?” Neil asked.

Kick Mat is sold two to a pack so the driver and passenger seats can be protected at the same time.

Kick Mats come with the Freddie and Sebbie Lifetime guarantee, – “If it tears up, we’ll replace it free. No hassles.”

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