Kick Mats: Just How Important Are They?

Children are full of energy and they are going to let that energy out. In a car ride, that often comes out by kicking and scrubbing their feet on the back side of the chair in front of them.

In addition to being annoying and a distraction, it can also damage the seat.

“Your vehicle is an investment. You protect it. You change the oil, get new tires and so on. But what about the seats? What are you doing to keep them in shape and particularly keep children from ruining them?” said Neil, creator of Freddie & Sebbie Kids Line Kick Mats, a cover for the backside of a car’s seat.

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Kick Mats cover the backside of the seat with a clear sheet of heavy duty clear material.

“A great thing about Kick Mats is you can buy dry erase markers and the kids can use it as a poster board. They can draw, doodle, write, erase and repeat,” Neil said. “And, they are not going to destroy the seat by kicking it. The Kick Mat takes the punishment.”

Kick Mats are held in place at the top by the headrest posts and along the bottom by an elastic band.

“It’s easy to install. You don’t need any tools and you don’t have to be mechanically handy. Just a few minutes max, and you can have both of them in place,” Neil said.

Kick Mats serve two functions. It keeps the children from knocking dirt into the pocket, keeps scuffmarks of your seats and keeps away stains. Children can still access whatever is kept there by reaching around the Kick Mat. Because it’s clear, they can also see what they are reading for.

“We made it clear so the children can see through it. If it was opaque or solid, they’d always be moving it out of the way. But being clear, they tend to ignore the fact that it prevents them from actually touching the seat,” Neil said.

Kick Mats are sold two to a pack so the driver and passenger seats are protected.

“We have a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee,” Neil said. “If it tears apart, let us know and we tell you how we’ll send you a new one.”

Get Freddie and Sebbie Kick Mats exclusively on Amazon here.