Luxury Outdoor Picnic Blanket By Freddie And Sebbie – Size Sometimes Means Everything!

With Fall just round the corner, a new season for outdoor picnics is just starting. It has been reported this week that even throughout the Summer season lots of tourists were choosing to picnic out as opposed to eat in restaurants in order to reduce their expenditure travel budgets this year. Many say that they enjoyed the picnic experience so much that they would undoubtedly be continuing with this popular tradition throughout the year. There were also common problems expressed by many who had got wet while out on picnic, who disclosed that the real problem with outdoor picnic blankets is that they just aren’t waterproof.



Feedback found on Amazon would indicate that size and being waterproof are the two most major concerns for customers buying outdoor picnic blankets at present. Official representative for Nevada based accessory business “Freddie and Sebbie,” Mr Neil Speight informed me that the firm he represents had only recently created a luxury outdoor picnic blanket after a large number of their existing consumers had cried out for a large waterproof blanket, so they too could delight in heading out on picnics.


Neil told me that the size of the blanket once it’s been unfolded measures: 78in x 55in with a water resistant PEVA backing, and the blanket includes a foam layer on the interior also, plus it has leather handles with chrome buckles. Also he told me that the actual size when the blanket is rolled up (boxed sized) is 11.8 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches.


THE ultimate picnic blanket is exactly what Eric Romaine has called it who says … “I own several picnic blankets, and this one is WITHOUT A DOUBT my favorite! Let me explain why. First, the handle system is detachable. A lot of blankets of this kind have attempted to incorporate the straps and handles right into the blanket. Guess what? Someone has to sit on them, and they can be frustrating and awkward. For this blanket, the straps come straight off and you’ve got the blanket all to itself! Okay, so 2nd, the blanket it BIG! Most picnic blankets tend to be 50×60, however this one is 55×78, which gives a lot more area to expand on.


He continued with the 3rd by stating … “The fleece top is soft and feels wonderful on my skin. and then the base is water-proof and it does not let any dampness in. This is essential for those early morning soccer matches, when the grass is still dewy, and last but not least, it looks REALLY NICE. The colors, the pattern, and the leather handles all match to make this a real standout blanket!”


That review even amazed Mr Speight, who finished by stating… “We have customized a design for a luxury, trendy and award winning outdoor blanket which is the ideal blanket for any celebration and looks rather nice in the back of a Bentley. It offers the entire family an extremely comfy, soft and dry place to lay down or sit on, which makes life a lot easier when you’re out and about with the kids.”


The luxury outdoor blanket by Freddie and Sebbie is exclusively sold on Amazon, where scores of (happy) consumer product testimonials can be seen.








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