Luxury Picnic Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie

The use of outdoor blankest is important for families and friends that love to go on picnics, swimming and camping. Outdoor blankets have many uses. It can be used as a temporary bed for lying down and relaxing while enjoying nature at its best. Having the best outdoor blanket that is waterproof and can withstand any kinds of moisture is one blanket that will provide safety and comfort for people that love to go outdoors. Back in the days, ordinary blankets were used when having a picnic or swimming providing less comfort to people, but with today’s technology, the development of waterproof blanket that offers luxury, comfort and portability changed the used of outdoor blankets for all outdoor activities.

outdoor blanketFor people that love to do outdoor activities, a comfortable outdoor blanket is the perfect thing to have while having a picnic with the family. But if the blanket is placed in a wet ground, chances are everyone will have wet pants that can be sometimes uncomfortable especially when it hits your bottom. The development of outdoor blankets that have waterproof backings prevents those things from happening again. This outdoor blanket can be placed even on wet grounds, but will not absorb any kind of moisture that can ruin your family picnic. This blanket is made from 100% polyester, making it more comfortable than other blankets. It also has a layer of acrylic foam for added comfort. The backside of the blanket is made from a material that is called PEVA. This material offers the blanket its waterproofing ability that can withstand any kind of moisture that can sip into the blanket from the ground.

The durability of the blanket is one exception that must be considered. The manufacturer of the outdoor blanket fully understands the importance of durability. The blanket is tough enough for any kinds of abuse that mostly children can give, but the blanket will not tear like other blankets out in the market. The outdoor blanket has a lifetime guaranty, so in any case it does tear, the company will replace it with a new one without giving any hustle to the customer, giving more value to your money. The outdoor blanket has a Burberry style that makes it attractive for most people. Style is one thing that the blanket should have because it’s not just an ordinary blanket.

The blanket’s portability makes it perfect for any kinds of outdoor activities. It can also be used for any types of activity like swimming or watching the local soccer game. The blanket is so easy to open and fold. It has strap buckles that hold the blanket securely when it is rolled and a comfortable leather handle that makes it easy to carry just like carrying your own bag. The outdoor blanket is made from lightweight materials that make it light to carry and can also be washed either by hand or washing machine, making it reusable and not disposable. The blanket measures 78 inches in width and 55 inches in length. When opened, it can accommodate more people while giving the comfort and protection they need.

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