Mommy With Stroller Caught Shoplifting Almost $700 Worth Of Items

Nicole Ann Siders, 32, of Des Moines, had been accused of third-degree theft by the regional authorities, and later on let go on a citation, according to the report. The Authorities replied to a call concerning a theft report at Von Maur, 1551 Valley West Drive. At the scene a security worker told the police how he followed Siders steps on the security video cameras as she pushed a kid in a stroller up and down several of the shop’s departments.



He explained how along her way, Siders was seen to be stuffing clothing, jewelry, perfumes and other products into the stroller. He also stated that Siders was also seen putting a bracelet onto her daughter’s wrist, while in the stroller. The worker informed cops how Siders then walked out of the establishment without paying for any of the items she had placed into the stroller, At that point Siders was confronted by the staff member, and she was then escorted back into the shop. The worker also informed the authorities that Siders had actually blamed her daughter for distracting her and subsequently simply forgot she had put the items into the stroller. The items that were in the stroller have been valued at $694.


Stroller market expert Mr Neil Speight, co-director of kids accessory company “Freddie and Sebbie” in a jolly manner discussed the stroller associated news, and stated… “It would never ever have actually struck me that a mother would do such a thing, though it would appear that Siders does have a case to safeguard herself, so I make sure justice will prevail in the end. I discussed the story with a close friend of mine, who with great humor as ever said I bet you she had a Freddie and Sebbie luxurious stroller organizer, and packed it filled with golden baby diapers and whatever else she might stuff in. Well, he believed it was amusing anyhow, however it goes without saying that if the stroller did have a stroller organizer connected, it would have been the perfect storage place to cram in $700 worth of products.


Neil continued by explaining… “Freddie and Sebbie were often gotten in touch with by moms with stroller storage problems, and last year we introduced the deluxe, luxury and designer black infant stroller organizer, featuring 2 additional big cup holders to fit the majority of cup and bottle sizes. It includes a big center compartment with a strong Velcro fastener, which is perfectly designed for stashing away small items like keys, a camera or a handbag. There are also three extra pockets, large front zip compartment where baby diapers, infant wipes, bags or other accessories can be kept. Last and not least we have integrated a center mesh zip pocket, suitable for storing pacifiers and other small items, and a middle mesh pocket ideal for having a cell phone at hand.”


He then stated that the company were considering adding labels to the Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Organizer stating “Not to be used for shoplifting,” followed by “Only kidding, we realize our customers would never do anything like that!”


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