Moms Hail New Luxury Stroller Clips As Must-Have Items!

The luxury stroller hook clips for bags or diaper bags – guaranteed to last and won’t break like the cheaper plastic ones, is today one of the hottest “must have” baby stroller items for moms.

According to Patrick’s mom who lives in McKinney, TX, and owner of the Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips, the product, though simple, are very useful. She added that it was “much, much better” than the Mommy Hook, which she found to be big, cumbersome and breaks very easily.

“I am blown away by how strong and secure they are! We even had a small suitcase hanging from it while going through the airport,” said Patrick’s mom.

“It was also great to get two in the package for such a reasonable price,” added this Verified Amazon Purchaser.

The stroller hook clips come with a whole bag of benefits. The follow are just a few:


• Perfectly designed to fit all strollers.
• Heavy-duty strong metal clips – won’t break like the plastic clips.
• Clip’s locks for security this allows you to secure your valuables stays firmly fixed to the stroller handles.
• Made with the strongest quality materials available
• It won’t scratch or damage your stroller.
• Child friendly
• It takes all the weight out of your heavy bags.
• It comes with a set of two Stroller Hook Clips per pack.


Joining Patrick’s mom above with their glowing feedback, are Amy Dodard, S. Posey, P. A., M. Momand, Tram B., Mang Ma, and Zan.

Here are what each person has to say:

Amy Dodard: “These are so simple to use and are a life saver! They hold a good amount of weight too! I’m so happy I bought these.”

S. Posey from Baltimore, MD: “As new parents, we don’t really know what the heck we’re doing all the time. These clips allow us to focus on one less thing (holding bags, etc.) while we’re out and about trying to make sure our newborn doesn’t scream in public…too much. They are invaluable to the parents learning the ropes of going out with a newborn. Highly recommend them!”

P. A. said she “started using these (Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips) yesterday,” and she “love that I can adjust where they sit on the handles. Sturdy and functional, at a reasonable price.”

M. Momand out of Palo Alto, California, wanted some stroller hooks for a while and when she came across the Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips, and figured they looked strong enough. “They are great! I can hook some heavy bags on, and the hooks stay secure! They’re great for my stroller (City Elite) because a lot of my bags don’t have straps long enough to go around the handle so with the hooks, I can just hook them on that way. I’m liking them a lot so far,” the purchaser said.

Tram B., claimed the Freddie and Sebbie stroller hook clips were sturdy and stayed on. She has not yet had any issues with the product yet, but recommended it as being “Definitely a must get product.”

Mang Ma, on the other hand, said the Stroller Hook Clips for bag and diaper bags “is a very useful product. It is what I need.”
Zan, said that as a Mum, though her son is now 28, she knew that “Stroller accessories like this can also be great for those of us who are privileged to go shopping sitting down in a wheelchair. Thumbs up for these items!”

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