New Car Seat Protector Guarantees Lasting Protection To Car Seats From Scuffs, Stains & Spills!

The all new Car Seat Protector¸ designed protect and prolong the life of one’s car’s interior, is now released, and is available to the consumer at

For many people, it is a never-ending struggle keeping the car’s upholstery clean and fresh when small children around. At times, even the child’s car seat leaves ugly indentations, scuffs, stains and spills on the back seat when removed.

“To protect and prolong the life of your car’s interior, you may want to consider Car Seat Protector, that slips under the car seats,” says Neil CEO of Freddie and Sebbie.

“These multi-purpose mats will help keep your interior clean and uncluttered at the same time,” adds Neil.

Among the other features and benefits that can be derived from using the all new child-friendly Car Seat Protector are its durability, its anti-abrasion and anti-slipping rubber on all corners, anti-slip backing, it won’t scratch the seats, and it’s made of the highest quality materials available.

“It’s easy to keep clean, keeps mucky stains, spills and scuff marks off your cars seats permanently, and it’s great for storing kids toys or bottles,” adds Neil.

Not only is the Car Seat Protector easy to install and comes with non-skid material to prevent slipping, but it’s also easy to wipe clean by using a damp cloth.

“It also comes two mesh pockets at the bottom of the seat, and are ideal for storing kids toys, bottles and any other kids essential,” notes Neil.

The new Freddie and Sebbie Kids product line, according to the product spokesperson, held to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability, is guaranteed to keep mucky stains, spills and scuff marks off your seats permanently.

“We believe in giving the very best to both parent and child,” says Neil. For further information, please visit the following website link Car Seat Protector by Freddie and Sebbie

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