New Freddie and Sebbie Springtime Outdoor Blanket Gets Rave Reviews! – (As Featured In Google News)

Freddie & Sebbie has released a new it newest springtime outdoor blanket. With its waterproof backing, luxury soft leather carrying handle, chequered style large blanket, very easy to fold, and guaranteed to keep users clean and dry, this seems the be perfect beach, travel, picnic blanket, which comes with a lifetime guarantee.

“Springtime is a great time for the outdoors, and there’s nothing like having a large and spacious blanket to take with you on picnics, to the beach, tailgating, etc., etc.,” said Neil, co-founder of Freddie and Sebbie, who announced the release and availability of the new blanket.

It is early days yet, but already the blanket has happy owners in Ruth, Dr. Bojan Tunguz, and Susan. The following is what each person has to say about the new Freddie & Sebbie all occasion outdoor blanket:

Ruth: “We’ve been using this blanket from Freddie and Sebbie for over four weeks now, as the weather here as been so hot “It’s about time too ” – This blanket is a great size, and with all our family on it, it fits two adults three small children (two at 18 months and one at 4) and one teenager. It measures 78 inches in width x 55 inches in height.

“If you want to stand out from the crowd and be different, then this is the blanket for you. The soft leather handle and the two soft leather and stainless steel straps really stand out and give this outdoor blanket so much class. In fact, I can see the Hollywood stars walking around with this once they see it. Great product “We love it and I would recommend this blanket in a heartbeat.”

Dr. Bojan Tunguz, the Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewervine Voice: “Over the years we’ve used a variety of blankets and beach towels for our picnics or other outdoorsy activities. Most of them get the job done, but none of them was really designed specifically for outdoor use on a variety of terrains and situations. This Freddie and Sebbie outdoor blanket on the other hand is ideally designed and manufactured for all of your outdoor needs. We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks, and we absolutely love it. We can’t imagine going back to the “regular” blankets any longer.

“This is indeed a very luxurious and elegant outdoor blanket. It’s quite obvious that a lot of care was invested in its design and manufacturing. It comes with leather straps and handles, which make it very convenient to carry with you. The top side of the blanket is very soft and comfortable to sit on. Our baby boy, who is usually not very keen on most of our outdoor gear, immediately took to it the first time we sat on it. He was just really enjoying himself and couldn’t stop playing. The bottom side is made out of a very sturdy and waterproof material, and it will keep you dry on most damp surfaces. This comes in handy on a beach or on a lawn after a rain. The blanket is large enough to accommodate two adults, plus one or two small children.

“Unfortunately, I am not the kind of person for whom folding comes naturally (hey, I am a man), so even though this blanket is advertised as easy to fold I had some trouble getting it folded just right. A small little brochure would have been handy. Or even better: have the leather straps and handle be attached to the blanket.

“I have not tried washing this blanket yet. The underside seems pretty impervious to soiling, and we have not used it extensively enough to warrant a proper cleaning. “Overall, I am really pleased and impressed with his blanket. It is everything that I would expect from an elegant outdoor blanket.”

Bringing up the rear, Susan said: “This has to be one of the best blankets I’ve ever seen and used. It’s really easy to carry and this is made possible with the very soft leather handles. If I could give this outdoor blanket ten stars I would.”

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