New Freddie and Sebbie UV-Blocking Car Sun Shades Available Exclusively to Amazon Customers!

Designed to block out Ultra Violet (UV) rays, sun glare, and heat, the new new Freddie and Sebbie’s luxury Car Sun Shades were today, for the first time, released to the public.
Exclusively available to consumers, via, they were made with babies and children in mind – simply making them cool and protected from the harmful rays of the sun and its resulting stifling heat.

This is one investment consumers will never regret making, as the products are officially backed with a lifetime guarantee from Freddie and Sebbie, who’s known for its quality and durable products.

Neil Speight, cofounder of Freddie and Sebbie, who made the product’s announcement, said these newly released deluxe cling car sun shades have been designed with dual layer mesh fabric/PVC material and so provides up to 30+ sun protection.

“Besides, they keep your children, baby or babies cool,” added Neil, who noted that the car sun shades come two per package, and include a luxury black car sun shade pouch and removable suction cups.
Additionally, the car sun shades can be used with or without the removable suction cups, and they fit perfectly on windshield, side windows, rear windows and back windows.

Additional benefits to be had using the Freddie and Sebbie new Car Sun Shades, include:

• Guaranteed to protect your children from UV rays, sun glare and heat – provides UPF 30+
• Made with heavy-duty and reinforced wire frame, which give these car sun shades a super-long life.
• Two-pack – luxury black car sun shade pouch provides easy storage – removable suction cups – simple and easy to install.
• Size – 19.5inch wide x 12. 5inch height – fits on most vehicle windows.
• Car sun shades come with a lifetime no-hassle, free replacement guarantee; plus spend $35 or over qualifying for free super saver shipping.

“Tired of your children complaining all the time of the sun being in their eyes? Are you fed up with wasting your hard-earned money on cheap and nasty car sun shades which only last a few weeks? Are you looking to keep your kids quiet, comfortable and protected from UV rays from the sun while you’re travelling? If you’re having these sorts of problems, then our car sun shades are the perfect solution for you,” said Neil.

The Freddie and Sebbie’s Car Sun Shades, designed with dual layer mesh fabric/PVC material, which provides UPF 30+ sun protection, which blocks out UV rays, sun glare, heat and keeps your kids, baby or babies cool at all times.

Known for providing products made to the highest standards in quality, safety and reliability, Freddie and Sebbie outfit guarantees consumers that their new luxury Car Sun Shades are backed by a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee, and the money spent on it, is a wise investment that last a lifetime.

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