New Line Of Natural Automobile Care Products Introduced By Columbus Racer Jeff Bowen

Jeff Bowen’s company Rougaroo has recently announced the launch of an Eco-friendly line of car care items, made without Eco-system dangerous chemicals. Bowen was quick to pull his rivals apart, and said… “If you simply have a look at the active ingredients in other items, you will certainly start to see a long list of nasty, hazardous chemicals. Rougaroo has chosen to do things differently in a market already filled with non-Eco-friendly automobile cleaners and waxes.” The Rougaroo owner says their automobile care items are still tough on dirt, in spite of its non-toxic formula, and can be also utilized on boats, Recreational vehicles, and off-road vehicles.



When press reporters asked how he came up with the idea of Rougaroo, creator Jeff Bowen said… “After many years of needing to clean my own automobiles, I quickly recognized that the grass began to die a few days after. It wasn’t long before I understood that the lawn was being killed by the chemicals in the cleaning products, making me believe exactly what else could be harmed by the item’s chemicals.


I then started to do some study about the problem, swiftly seeing that many washes and other products are not even permitted to be offered in Europe due to the harmful chemicals. Anyhow, over time I also learned that the chemicals can also fade the clear-coat on the vehicle itself. He included… “I just wished to develop a line of cleaning products that were safe for vehicles and the environment, however also a line that offered a world class clean!”


Nevada based accessory company co-owner, Mr Neil Speight says he’s really amazed with Bowen’s products, stating… “It’s about time somebody came up with a natural option for cleaning cars, so I hope it works out for Jeff.” He continued… “My teenager daughter suddenly asked me a few days ago… Exactly what is a Rougaroo? I obviously didn’t know, but then found it to be an old werewolf from Cajun folklore, implied as a cautionary tale for little ones who misbehave.” We also discovered the new variety of Rougaroo car care items, but in this case the Rougaroo cautionary tale is concerning the environment.”




Mr Speight stated that he would back any product which left a zero impact on the environment, saying. “All of the Freddie and Sebbie car accessories contain 0 % toxic products too, not just because of the environment, however also since each one of our devices are made with the purpose of helping parents and safeguarding kids. One of our most current items introduced to assist keep vehicles as clean and tidy as possible was the extra large car trash can, which is fully leakage proof and made to the best standards in quality, security and dependability, so ideal for defenders of the environment.”


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