Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie: The Only Outdoor Blanket You’ll Ever Need!

outdoor blanket

outdoor blanket

Outdoor blanket is one on the top list of things that you should not forget if you plan to have a successful picnic. This is to ensure that you and your guest will be comfortable even if you cannot find a dry ground or picnic table. With this outdoor blanket with waterproof backing, you can be sure that you are ready to have a wonderful picnic experience even on wet grounds. Freddie and Sebbie outdoor blanket is the perfect blanket for different types of weather conditions.

This product is not only stylish and luxurious but also waterproof, making it perfect for any kinds of occasion. Outdoor blanket large offers the whole family a soft, dry, and comfortable place for picnic. This product is lightweight, and very easy to fold. You can even carry this blanket without a hassle through its leather handles. The construction of the blanket is nice and sturdy, assuring you that you can enjoy using it in many years. Plus, this outdoor blanket does not tear or rip like most picnic blankets available at cheap prices.

•Made with 100% polyester to assure users that it can last for many years.

•This outdoor blanket is made with waterproof PEVA backing to make it water resistant. You can enjoy eating outdoors with your family even on wet grounds.

•The acrylic foam layer of the product offers ease and comfort even if you sit on a hard ground for extended hours. The acrylic foam also supports that waterproof back of the blanket from blocking water to arise to the surface.

•Freddie and Sebbie outdoor blanket large come at 78 Inch in width and 55 Inch in height. Its size is enough to provide the whole family with a comfortable, soft, and dry picnic ground.

This product also comes with hidden storage pockets that are perfect for holding wallets, keys, snacks and more. Also, the product comes with adjustable shoulder strap for portability. Whether you plan spend a day at the beach or have a picnic in the park, the outdoor blanket is a great companion.

Another essential feature is that the product is compact and very lightweight. You can carry it wherever you want, and whenever you wish. One of the great advantages that you can get is that this product is made with the highest quality of materials that are available today. Besides, this product is made by Freddie and Sebbie, the trusted name in kid’s line of products.

The design and color of the water proof outdoor blanket will surely suit your style and needs. You do not only benefit from the opportunity of performance and unparalleled comfort, but you also keep, cold, dirt, and water away from you. The next time you plan for an outdoor activity or picnic make sure that you bring outdoor blanket with waterproof backing with you.

The manufacturer of the product offers free replacement guarantee with no hassle. Also, getting the product from the Amazon is quite an assurance of quality and originality.

Freddie and Sebbie waterproof outdoor blankets are available exclusively on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Blanket-Carrying-Guaranteed-Guarantee/dp/B00CLAZLN8/