Parents Agree About Need For Vehicle Safety Seat Sunshades

United States moms and dads are currently backing calls for more safety measures when it comes to safeguarding a child from getting burned by scorching hot automobile safety seats.

( — August 5, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — In a recent press conference, Nevada based company Freddie and Sebbie has spoken of how moms and dads are giving the company their complete support for an auto accessory currently helping to prevent 100s of toddlers from getting burned when placed into a scorching hot vehicle safety seat. Neil Speight, main spokesperson for Freddie and Sebbie, stated: “There are numerous things to think about buying when you discover that you are expecting your own bundle of joy. You know the basics like buying a crib, stroller, and car seat. You understand that you have to buy a bedding set that is safe for babies, and obsess over which kind of bottles to buy, however there are a lot of items that parents may not even consider. Among those products is a car safety seat sunshade.”
In remarks released on, moms and dads are seen to agree that this is an inventive idea they wish they had considered before. Neil was asked precisely what this product did, who replied: “It intends to reflect the sun so that it does not hit the safety seat. This means that the car seat will not heat up, saving your youngster from getting burned when being put in their car seat, having a similar function to dashboard reflective shades motorists place in their windshield as a way of preventing their automobile from over-heating.”

The Safety Seat Sunshade by Freddie and Sebbie is presently the top rated product of its kind on the Amazon Marketplace, with verified buyers saying how this luxurious sunshade alternative is both economical and worth every cent. According to the product description on Amazon, it has been created to properly fit most car seats on the market today, in addition to being easy to install and made in accordance with the highest safety, quality and reliability standards. Neil added a bit more, and said: “Its design is perfect for deflecting the sun glare and destructive UV rays, keeping the car seat about 26 degrees cooler than not making use of one. You can really rely on the quality of this product, since it comes with a lifetime, complimentary replacement guarantee.”

The vast majority of parents have been pleased with the results of using this product, with one validated buyer saying: “It makes putting a youngster into the safety seat a much easier process.” The Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson concluded the press meeting by stating: “If you are looking for products that can help to safeguard your child from how dangerously over-heated a car can get on a scorching hot sunny day, than the need to buy a safety seat sunshade is necessary. As a parent, you only want the best for your kid and want to purchase everything possible to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. A car seat sunshade is made to safeguard your youngsters from getting burned from sitting in a safety seat that is too hot and from the burning hot fastenings and straps.” More item info and validated consumer reviews can be discovered on the Freddie and Sebbie United States shop, with more company details discovered on their official website, at


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