Safety Seat Protector Mats for Children Hailed by US Parent Reviewers on Amazon

Having received over 400 client testimonials on the Amazon Marketplace, the car seat protector by Freddie and Sebbie has been described as a crucial piece of safety equipment by parent customers.
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LAS VEGAS — Hailed as a truly beneficial innovation by verified reviewers on the Amazon Marketplace, Freddie and Sebbie’s car seat protection has actually been designed to protect car seats from spots and spills, including scuff marks brought on by automobile safety seats.

Neil Speight, Freddie and Sebbie’s representative, explained in a recent online press conference that the company had acknowledged the anguish of moms and dads who were worried about car upholstery repairs, as a result of regular usage of vehicle safety seats. He added: “7 from 10 parents have actually provided the safety seat protector mats a 5-star rating on the Amazon Marketplace, while another 19 percent have actually offered it 4 stars. I personally believe this just goes to demonstrate how useful the product is when it concerns safeguarding automobile leather seats, while at the same time protecting car security seats.”

In February 2016, Patrick, a frequent Amazon Marketplace customer, has actually revealed in this 5 star testimonial that the Freddie and Sebbie car seat protector mats has actually given him peace of mind when it pertains to safeguarding both child and automobile upholstery. He included: “The car seat protector mats has a bottom surface that is soft yet provides exceptional grip on the car seat upholstery to lessen sliding and unneeded movement particularly while the car is in motion.” He also exclaimed that the car seat protector seemed resilient, well-built, and extremely durable. This was likewise echoed by another customer, E.T, who had made use of the product on his 2015 Suburban. He included: “The upholstery was well-protected against his child’s kicking, spills, crumbs, and the car safety seat itself.”

“This is exactly what the Freddie and Sebbie car seat protector was created to do,” described Speight, who added: “Made of only the strongest and most resilient materials, the safety seat protector is guaranteed to last as long as the life expectancy of any car. Furthermore, the automobile protector mat is made from Environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials to guarantee maximum safety especially for kids. The safety seat protection is solely made by hand to ensure optimum quality and resilience.”

Speight also explained how the safety seat protection’s mesh storage pockets were ideal for saving children’s toys, bottles, and other products which kids might require during their travels, and that the mat included a non-skid bottom, permitting optimal security. Jennifer Pugh Hudson commented on the Amazon Marketplace last February 2016 that the safety seat protection fitted perfectly onto the seat of her vehicle. She included: “The item has actually safeguarded our automobile upholstery in more ways than I could have hoped for, and I will definitely be recommending the product to other parents.”

With over 400 testimonials on Amazon, 89 percent of which have been 4+ star reviews, the Freddie and Sebbie car seat protection remains to be hailed by American parents as a breakthrough product in safeguarding their kids, while safeguarding the value of their cars. For more information about exactly what Amazon customers are saying about the Freddie and Sebbie safety seat protector mat, everything is found on their unique Amazon shop, with additional product details additionally discovered on the site,




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