Stroller Clips And Why Kehl Can’t Survive Without Them!



New moms and experienced moms understand strollers are more than simply a way to transport their children.

Strollers are also mobile diaper changing tables, beds, toyboxes and a plethora of other things.  One thing that a stroller normally lacks is a place to hang a diaper bag or purse.

Lara Kehl cannot survive without her diaper bag clips.

“I have twins.  I need the extra set of hands as frequently as possible,” said Kehl.

Kehl is referring to the newest product from Freddie and Sebbie.  The makers of the Kick Mat, they are now making stroller clips.

Freddie and Sebbie is a small business specializing in baby items.  They are the makers of the Kick Mat.  Now, they are the proud manufacturers of Stroller Clips.

A highly break-resistant metal clip, the stroller clips attach to the handles of a stroller.  This frees shoulders from purses, diaper bags and any other bag.  This gives parents free hands for their children.

“It was also a boon to parents. They could now concentrate on the children and not fight with a bag or two,” said Neil.

Neil and his company believe in the voices of their customers to speak for the quality of their products.  Winnie, an Amazon shopper, had this to say in part about the stroller clips, “The last one was “Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Clip Hook”. I personally didn’t think these would be any good because the low price kinda put me off, but was I surprised. This in my opinion is the best on the market today. It has a secure carabiner lock, great for keeping your goods secure. Very strong and you can hold lots of extra items from these. They also stay fixed in one place and the best thing is, they are one of the cheapest on the market at this present moment.”

She continued with more to say, “My conclusion is. All these clip/hooks are great and they all do there job, but, most of them are way over priced for what they do. The one I would I recommend is “Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Clip Hooks”, it ticked all the right boxes for me, and in my eyes is the best value money product out there.”

Winnie’s entire Stroller Clip review is available on