Stroller Clips by Freddie and Sebbie are Available Exclusively on Amazon

Freddie and Sebbie, the company that brought the Kick Mat, have again created a new product for a family with young children: The Stroller Clip.

Designed like a carabiner used by professional and amateur rock climbers, the sturdy metal carabiner stroller clips from Freddie and Sebbie are manufactured from sold metal, not plastic like their cheaply-made counterparts.

“Too many of the plastic bag clips break under the weight of the average diaper bag or purse after extended use.  These carabiners are designed like the ones used by climbers: lightweight and exceptionally strong,” said Neil of Freddie and Sebbie.

The special hooks attach to the stroller handle with Velcro-like webbing, making a strong seal and allowing for attachment to a variety of stroller handles and sizes.  Each spring locked clip snaps back into a solid place, creating a seamless seal that is strong and a powerful theft deterrent.

“All Freddie and Sebbie products are made with the child and parent in mind, meeting the needs of both worlds.  With a lifetime replacement guarantee and sold in packs of two, there is no reason why a parent should go without these clips on a stroller,” said Neil.

Attach more than just purses or diaper bags.  Shopping bags, grocery bags or any bag with an adequate handle will slide easily and quickly onto the handy clip.  With practice, one hand operation is even possible for the parent who has their hands full.

Sold exclusively through, the stroller clips of Freddie and Sebbie are made to last even after the child grows out of the stroller.  “A wise parent will certainly find a valid use for the clips well after the child is out of a stroller,” said Neil.

Freddie and Sebbie Stroller Clips are available exclusively on Amazon:

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