Stroller Clips by Freddie and Sebbie: Great For Holding Your Diaper Bag Out Of The Way

Tired of trying to find a place to put a diaper bag on a stroller? The Freddie and Sebbie all-metal stroller clips attach to the handles of any stroller. The clip itself is a metal carabiner and are guaranteed for life.

Each clip is held securely to the stroller handle with a heavy duty canvas wrap that goes around the handle. It’s secured with Velcro. This ensures no damage to the stroller. Two clips come in each package.

“The Velcro strap is important,”  said Neil, creator of the Stroller Clip. “This allows you to attach it to anything that the strap will reach around. You can attach to the handles, to the bars running down the side of the stroller.”

These stroller clips for diaper bags transfer the weight of a heavy bag from the shoulders to the stroller. Instead of a parent bearing the weight, the stroller does it. The two clips spread the weight evenly which helps avoid tipping the stroller over.

• Fits all strollers, single, double or triple

• Heavy duty metal carabiner-style hooks

• Won’t break like plastic

• Each hook locks for increased security

• Heavy duty construction of the toughest materials around

• No damage to the stroller

• Lifetime guarantee. No hassles, no worries and replacements are free.

• Transfers the weight to the stroller handles

The straps will attach to any handle, horizontal, diagonal or vertical. The Velcro attachment means it can fit just about anywhere.

“For that matter, you don’t have to just use it for a diaper bag,” said Neil. “You can clip your purse to the stroller, camera bag or anything else that has a handle that you don’t want to carry. Let the stroller take the weight.”

The clips spring closed. This makes a fast grab and dash impossible. The springs are also not strong enough to pinch little fingers tightly enough to hurt.

“Very important! We design our products for families from adult to babies. It has to be safe around the little ones,” said Neil. “While a baby is probably not going to be able to reach the clips, toddlers can. We don’t want pinched fingers.”

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