Stroller Clips by Freddie and Sebbie: Perfectly Designed to Fit All Strollers

stroller clips

stroller clips

Stroller clips by Freddie and Sebbie are designed to provide ease and comfort in heavy lifting.  They can give parents the freedom to get their hand free from carrying their babies and provide much attention the well being of their children. These stroller clips for diaper bags are made with heavy metal hooks and are designed with Velcro strap to ensure a secure tight fit. These sturdy hooks can be attached to stroller bar vertical, diagonal, nor horizontal.

Freddie and Sebbie stroller clips are also designed to provide added security for your child. Once the diapers bags are hooked, the spring hook locks snaps back into place, making your bag secure from falling off and from theft. It is better if you use two clips as this can avoid tipping by allowing safe cargo distribution.

These stroller clips offer multi-purpose functions and are designed to fit on all types of strollers. No matter what kind of stroller you have, these clips can give you full functional features that can make your daily life easy. Also, these are made with strong metal hooks that are heavy duty and won’t break. Another thing that made this product great is that it will not scratch your strollers. You can attach and detach it from strollers without worrying that scratch will occur. This product is also durable as it is made with the strongest materials. The manufacturer of the product assures you that you free replacement if the clips break. But, this will surely not happen as the clips are made from highest quality metals.

These stroller clips for diaper bags are designed to fit in all types of strollers and can carry all the weight of your heavy bag. You can be sure that your hands are free from anything and you can provide full attention to your baby. This are made with fully adjustable straps that can accommodate all strollers of all models. Therefore, you do not need to buy new stroller for your baby. You can take out your child to parks, shopping malls, beach, and anywhere without having the hassle of carrying in shoulders your bags or diaper bag.

Another great advantage of this product is that this completely safe for your child. These stroller clips are made with 100% organic material that do not contain mercury or any elements that can harm your child’s health. These stroller clips are not only made to carry diaper bags, you can also use this to hang your wallet, cell phone, bottled water, and other things with strap. You can be sure that all your valuable things will not fall off from these clips as they secure tight fit.

Freddie and Sebbie stroller clips set comes with a two-piece stroller hooks. You can put each handle of your stroller with hooks and hang your bags with it. Having both handle of your stroller with clips will ensure balance and avoid tipping. You can also bring other things that your baby needs without carrying them on your shoulders.

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