Stroller Hooks by Freddie & Sebbie: Big Hit at Amazon

Strollers are also made to be a portable, modifiable table, beds, toy boxes and many more. Most often, stroller has no diaper bag. Each clip encompasses a spring-lock hook that snaps firmly into place and the hook discourages would-be purse snatchers and other undesirables from trying to make off with belongings.

A highly break-resistant metal clip, the stroller clips affix to the handles of a stroller. With this, you don’t need to get diaper bags and other belongings in a separate handbag.

This gives parents free hands for their children. Neil of Freddie and Sebbie stated “each of ourstroller clips are sold in sets of two. One for each handle,”.

These stroller clips were born out of a necessity and two dads clever design. “We thought there had to be a better way,” said Neil, one half of Freddie and Sebbie. Neil and his brother both have a family of their own. Between them both are six kids.

Freddie & Sebbie are baby twins and they are the youngest. The daddies have spent a small fortune on baby stuff through the years and each one of them was missing something that would have made their lives a lot easier. They have difficulty on how they are going to introduce their products on the market.

You cannot acquire many clients and purchasers in a simple and small production. In this sense, they decided to ask for assistance from “Amazon’s shipping and international reach meant our products could help as many parents as possible,” said Neil.

Stroller Clips and all of the Freddie and Sebbie line can be purchased through

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