Stroller Moms Exercise To Captivate Kids

Author Erin Andersen just recently released some really fascinating occasions in the Lincoln Journal Star about a stay-at-home mommy, who ultimately signed up with a stroller physical fitness group, helping her to beat feeling lonely and depression, and who says that she had actually found salvation in a mothers stroller workout group in Houston, Texas. Mother Leslie Ottemann states she has not only discovered new friendships, however also managed to end up being physically fit for the very first time in her life.



The stroller physical fitness workouts include mommies strolling, jogging, stretching, lunging and yoga, all carried out in a public green area while their bemused young children have a good time by watching, laughing and clapping along. Ottemann ultimately lost her excess weight in just 4 months of going to the stroller physical fitness workouts, and states… “Stroller fitness groups are for mothers of all shapes, sizes and levels of physical fitness. Activity options allow mommies to either step it up or tone it down, which would depend on her physical endurance. Meanwhile the young children are kept amused by watching their mommies delighting in a wonderful experience of being pro-active, instead of seeing them depressed and lonesome in the house, like I used to be.”


Neil Speight from Nevada based company “Freddie and Sebbie” states he believes it’s a wonderful idea that needs to be taken a step further. He stated… “Just imagine, moms armed with strollers getting together about 3 times a week, training as a team in all of the different activities to then compete against other stroller fitness groups. There could be regional leagues, and it might even go International. I have twins, so there would have to be a various classification for moms with double strollers, and what about mommies who have triplets. I actually hope it does take off, particularly if it means that mothers who feel lonesome, depressed or those who just need to lose a few pounds, can do a fitness activity which is both fun for them and their toddlers.”


The co-director of Freddie and Sebbie states that one of their mother confirmed clients on Amazon has said that she had signed up with a regional stroller physical fitness class. She said… “I just love jogging around the park with my baby in the stroller. He just laughs all the way, that is until his baby diaper requires a change, so he cries to get my attention. At least I comprehend the message, and thankfully I constantly have my Freddie and Sebbie stroller organizer at hand, so it’s a quick change round, and off we go again.”


Neil says that the Freddie and Sebbie luxury and designer black child stroller organizer comes with additional cup holders ideal for beverages or baby bottles, and for all those mommies out and about jogging, any infant stroller accessories will certainly be securely stored in the three extra pockets, as seen on the image.


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